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0603 LED Chip

0603 LED Chip

0603 led chip power 0.06w luminous 700-1000mcd current 20mA Voltage 2.8-3.6V

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Product Details

Products descriptions:

Type:0603 Led Chip

Power: 0.06W

Luminous: 700-1000mcd

current: 20mA

Voltage: 2.8-3.6V

Wavelength: 2800-10000K

Beam angle: 120°

Compliant with RoHS Directive-compliant

Low-current (20mA) operating


Suitable for vapor-phase reflow, infrared reflow and waves older processes

Compatible with automatic placement equipment

High color rendering index

Certification: CE, RoHS Directive-compliant, GS, FCC, UL, cUL

Built-in 1 LED chip

Lens tape: yellow diffused

Product sizes:




Due to the package design, the LED has wide viewing angle and optimized light coupling by inter reflector, this feature makes the SMT top LED ideal for light pipe application

The low current requirement makes this device ideal for portable equipment or any other application


Q:How many volts is the starting voltage?

A;SMD 0603 blue LED start voltage 2.5V has been started.The positive opening voltage of LED with different colors is different, and the positive pressure drop will change with the change of temperature, so people pay more attention to the working current. Small changes in voltage cause large changes in the current, so it is best to drive LED with constant current. In general, the blue 0603 SMD control current is 30~40 Ma, the voltage is between 3.4~3.5, 2.5V has been started, with a weak brightness, the brightness of 3V~3.5V can adjust the brightness as the use of lighting.

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