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10W Warm White LED Chip

10W Warm White LED Chip

High-end configuration
International quality
Nature of light
More energy saving

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Product Details

10W Warm White LED Chip


1.LED Emitter: 10W

2.Output Lumens: 900LM
3.DC Forward Voltage (VF) :30-34Vdc
4.DC Forward Currect (IF) : 1050mA
5.Color Temp: 3050~3250(Warm White)
6.Beam Angle: 140 degrees
7.Life Span Time : > 50,000 hours


9.Shipping Method:DHL

10.Delivery Time:2-6 Business Days



The working temperature of LED is less than 50 degrees (with heatsink / fan etc.), can not remember without heat light, in a few seconds time temperature can rise to 50 degrees, more than 70 degrees may affect life, then high may be burnt wick!!

The power supply of the LED is a constant current driven power supply. The two lines of the power output can not be touched together, and the short circuit will burn out.

Due to the particularity of LED: (power supply and heat dissipation) LED has been sold without retreating. If we want to retire, it should be contacted within 2 days after receiving the goods. First, we must ensure that the LED is intact, no solder is served, and the cost is self-service. We must refund the cost if we want to return the LED.

High power LED, as a light source for lighting, has the following advantages:

1, the power consumption is less: the LED of 90lm/w for light efficiency is 83% less than that of the same brightness incandescent lamp.

2, long life: product life up to 5-10 million hours, 24 hours of continuous lighting can be used for 8 years;