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4 Digit 7 Segment Led Display

4 Digit 7 Segment Led Display

4 digit 7 segment led display mainly adopts the high quality crystal wafer, bright and uniform, durable

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4 digit 7 segment led display 


★ Can drive light at low voltage, low current conditions

★Very short luminescent response time (<0.1μs), high frequency characteristics, good monochromaticity, high brightness

★Small size, light weight, good impact resistance, solid state encapsulation, encapsulation type, high stability

★ Long life, service life of more than 50,000 hours

★ continuous scan drive each byte

★ Good display effect, wide viewing angle

★ recommended constant current use, constant pressure will appear uneven brightness

★ Products with protective film on the surface can be removed before use

★ Welding temperature: 260°C Maximum 5 seconds residence time

★ If the operating temperature is higher than 25 °C, Ifm, ifp and Id must be reduced; current reduction rate is -036mA / °C (DC drive), or -0.86mA / °C (pulse drive) power consumption rate is -0.75mW / °C . The operating current of the product cannot be greater than 60% of the corresponding operating temperature condition Ifm or Ifp

★ blue, emerald, white please take anti-static measures

digit heightPIN quantitycommon jointDisplay size
10.28inches10pins12  9  8  632.2*10.2*5.8mm
20.30inches12pins12  9  8  630.5*13.0*7.0mm
30.31inches12pins12  9  8  628.00*11.00*5.0mm
40.36inches12pins12  9  8  630.0*14.00*7.2mm
50.39inches24pins2  5  6  8  1040.0*14.0*7.0mm
60.40inches12pins12  9  8  6 40.5*16.0*7.0mm
70.56inches12pins12  9  8  650.0*19.0*8.0mm
80.80inches24pins1  3  10  1271.8*25.3*8.0mm


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