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High Power 50w LED Chip

High Power 50w LED Chip

LED chip beads are widely used in lighting and lighting, LED large screen display, traffic lights, decoration, computers, electronic toys, gifts, switches, telephones, advertising,

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50W LED Chip White

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Type:COB LEDEmitting Color:Natural White
Luminous Intensity:120-130LM/WLuminous Flux(lm):6700-7200
Optical Attenuation(%):3Viewing Angle(°):140 Degrees
Color Rendering Index(Ra):95Color Temperature:4000K
Operating Temperature(℃):-40 - 75Storage Temperature(℃):-40 - 80
Certification:RoHSWorking Voltage:50-61V
Working Current:1080mACCT:4000K
Package Size:28*28mm


1. voltage: LED lamp with a low voltage power supply, power supply voltage is between 2-4V, according to different products, so it is driven by a high voltage power supply; power supply safety, especially suitable for public places;

2. current: the working current is 0 - 15mA, and the brightness becomes brighter with the increase of current.

3. performance: incandescent energy consumption is reduced by 80% when.

4. applicability: very small, each unit LED chip is 3-5mm's Square, so it can be made into various shapes of devices, and is suitable for changeable environment.

6. response time: the response time of the incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the LED lamp is nanosecond.

7. color: changing the current can change color. Light emitting diodes easily adjust the band structure and band gap of materials through chemical modification, and achieve red, yellow, green and orange multi color emission. If the small current is red LED, with the increase of the current, it can turn into orange, yellow, and finally green.