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"Chip factory + application factory" pattern formation CSP market share is expected to increase

- Sep 10, 2016 -

Entered since 2016, CSP market "doors" are being opened...

CSP wind stirred the LED packaging market, leads the current LED lighting industry experienced a significant change.

In fact, since the beginning of the CSP, frequently questioned by the industry. Someone said, the concept of CSP just Fried hot, it is difficult to achieve fall to the ground; Others said, CSP price is too high, can not be accepted by the user; Others said the CSP yield problem difficult to solve, lead to problems such as the cost pressure.

So, CSP future have the opportunity to realize the market breakthrough, also need some time to observe.

CSP challenge SMD, the market potential is tremendous

But CSP will eventually trend, it is beyond doubt. Yue xiaoyue bright the cheaper, has become the development trend of the LED. From the Angle of technology and product evolution, CSP is a kind of terminals, will replace the SMD encapsulation.

Since this is the final trend, be sure it is SMD LED and LED all the market POWER, then the market is now hundreds of billions of LED market share, the CSP is gradually becoming dominant and the role of monopoly.

Many people think, CSP first by the backlight and high power applications, play space also mainly in the backlight market.

East son photoelectron yong-ping Chen, general manager thinks, "despite the CSP plants in display backlighting, lighting, automotive lighting (headlights), medical lighting has strict requirements on product size, performance, and other special applications, CSP in price general lighting market has huge space for development."

Indeed, CSP applications are very broad, can cover almost all the LED application field, is a form of encapsulation cannot reach, so more and more areas will gradually using CSP.

"Chip factory + application factory", CSP can break through in the future

For how to reasonably reduce the price of LED, reduce the production cost, LED companies use an ace, especially the LED assembly field performance is more obvious, and even once launched 3 without "revolution" in the first half of the year.

The so-called "3 without" product, is no packaging, no heat, no power, as simple as possible! CSP is complied with the trend, will do simple design structure.

"East son optoelectronic field of concentration and CSP for years, has achieved the requirements, do no support, no gold, and the advantages of small size." Yong-ping Chen told leds.

From a performance point of view, the development of CSP can not only solve the encapsulation volume miniaturization and to improve the heat dissipation problem, but also can achieve simplification, a single device encapsulating miniaturization, the material cost of each device can be greatly reduced, so the production capacity is very big.

In addition, the CSP with "fab + application" mode, save encapsulation link, shorten the industrial chain, to reduce the circulation costs, make the LED prices closer to the people.

To sum up, from the beginning to the LED lighting industry gradually mature, never cease to standardized discussion. The original LED high-power serious product homogeneity, CSP appears gradually in the market for a certain recognition, after development trend of a piece of good.

Special seminars sponsored by the high LED encapsulation revolution will be on September 9 (on Friday) green world in shenzhen. At that time, the east son photoelectron round of deputy general manager will discuss with everybody together "CSP next time".

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