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4.0 perfection the LED ball steep light industrial automation assembly line

- Sep 13, 2016 -

In the first half of this year, LED lighting performance of listed companies are showing a generally positive trend.

According to high production, according to data from the research institute (GGII) LED the sunlight illumination, opple, foshan lighting, leishi lighting and other traditional lighting LED universal year-over-year revenue growth of listed companies by more than thirty percent, also widespread gross margin increased year-on-year.

The biggest bright spot, and LED lighting listed companies are part of the production line for the automatic transformation and trial production, to improve the production efficiency, save manpower cost.

This background, the dazzle of masters photoelectric completed in March 2016 r&d LED ball steep light automatic assembly production line.

 "according to the relevant responsible for the automated production line combined with the thinking of industrial 4.0, according to customer needs, can realize automatic/semi-automatic plan, to produce a product consistency is high, quality is stable, reliable, greatly improve the product's rty; whole process in real time detection, the material loss to a minimum."

LED bulb light advanced automated assembly line:

1. Using very large scale industrial CPU, processing ability, high operation speed.

 2. Very large program storage, can store 250000.

3. Communication ability is strong, with Mr CAT bus, speed up to 100 MHZ.

4. Network server capabilities, connected to the Internet, providing wireless access, computer terminals in LAN and remote Internet, after all can be confirmed by the authorized, connection system services, monitor all process data, to realize the remote diagnosis, etc.

5. Mobile intelligent terminals through WIFI, such as smart phones, tablets, etc., after the authorized also monitor the whole system, realize the seamless docking.

6. MES system access, through the large capacity data record production line complete all products production process data, actualize digital and information-based production workshop.

7. All-round awareness, realizes the digitalization, informatization and networking, build the CPS 4.0 adapt to industry.

It goes without saying that the prospects of automatic production line is very considerable, especially lighting manufacturers to increase year by year, to the requirement of cost control and continuously improve product quality requirements.

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