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- Sep 05, 2016 -

Recently, around the chip, package prices become the focus of industry circle talk. "Who say woman be said on both rational", it seems to some in the industry, market-oriented regulation also illustrates the whole industry into full market competition stage.

At the same time, the "price", also shows that the industry is gradually return to rational.

After a few years ago the price wars and industry reshuffle, LED encapsulation is from blindly pursue cheap to pay attention to the product itself, it is also the industry as a whole to a good trend.

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED encapsulation field from traditional fields such as lighting, backlighting, instructions, gradually developed into the ir/uv, automotive lighting, plant lighting, indoor small spacing, such as niche, and the niche is becoming more and more professional and more and more strong.

This also distracted the assembly house capacity in the future. From the current situation, it seems that "boom" could shift from RGB lamp bead to lighting white light lamp bead.

In the long run, white LED is still the focus of market competition, and application area of the largest markets.

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