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August performance season backing Taiwan LED chip factory bright eye

- Sep 13, 2016 -

LED industry into the traditional peak season, a slack season last year, this year in due season, Taiwan chip giant crystal electric, light 鋐, China on August revenue synchronous growth, Thai valley, than the same period last year also showed a trend of sharp growth, and growth of the company is not limited to, blue LED factory in transition in four yuan LED factory is also the growth report card.

China published on August revenue, under customer deferred delivery, August revenue of 1.44 million yuan (nt $, the same below), a 17.12% grew in July, grew at 19.45%, the cumulative before August revenue reached one hundred million yuan, 105 million yuan.

China on the current monthly shipments remain at around 15 million, and all four yuan LED products, in 18 million, in the second half monthly shipments are expected to rise by 20%; From the point of MOCVD equipment number, currently has more than ten of the MOCVD in mass production stage, equipment mostly for amortization of depreciation of the machine.

And crystal electricity, light accounts for large stocks of Thai valley, August consolidated revenue also showed a trend of growth, the company announced on August revenue of 87.06 million yuan, is up 16.31% in July, the year increased by 5.57%, the cumulative before August this year revenue of 618 million yuan, the year minus 19.33%.

Thai valley for decreasing investment operations, net change to 8.5854 yuan per share, stock will be in September 23 to October 6, stop trading, resume trading on October 7, quarterly loss on Thai valley has dropped to 87 million yuan, net loss of $0.32 a share.

Can into 鋐 corp. 's light in August revenue also the growth test, the company revenue of 114 million yuan, in August month increase 12.52%, annual increase of 12.52%, in August for the first time since the revenue growth for the past 16 months than the same period last year. Light 鋐 expected capacity utilization rate still can maintain more than 90% this season, the company set the tone for turn into niche products, will be officially launched next year UV LED.

LED chip prices fell through last year, in the attached vendor under three Ann photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric shout up, convergence, LED ball steep light decline in August, according to TrendForce dramexchange LED industry research brand LEDinside (LED) online statistics, in August, 60 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs instead of 40 w down only 0.3 to 0.4%.

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