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Automatically change crystal ring "" double high-speed solid crystal machine downtime is saved...

- Sep 18, 2016 -

Recently, on light equipment during the 2016 CIOE, exhibited focus DB8080WF series double automatic high-speed solid crystal machine in crystal ring.

DB8080WF series, is the most prominent highlight crystal rings automatic replacement function and automatic correction, exempt often downtime in chip, saving manpower and downtime enhances the working efficiency of the machine.

According to marketing director Tang Juncheng on light equipment, "solid crystal machine on the market at present, there are lack of stability and accuracy can meet the needs of customers and other shortcomings."

Institute of research according to the high production of LED (GGII) research shows that the current wire welding machine is still mainly rely on import, other equipment such as solid crystal machine, glue machine, spectral and braiding machine localization rate has been more than 50%, and the next two years, China LED packaging equipment market will be more clear.

"On the launch of the optical equipment automatic double-end in crystal ring high-speed solid crystal machine, in addition to saving the cost of manpower, in addition, the greatest progress in terms of accuracy, can satisfy the requirement of high quality user at present, replace part of import market share." Tang Juncheng disclosed.

The equipment support plane leds, SMD (0603, 1010), the TOP SMD (2835, 020, etc.), COB power stent, etc.

The most important of all, this series DB396 work cycle time for 65 msec, positioning accuracy is + / - 1 mil, plus or minus 3 ° Angle precision.

As one of domestic famous LED encapsulation equipment suppliers, on light equipment, founded in 2007, since 2010 the company introduced a number of Japan, Taiwan imported high-precision CNC machining equipment, production capacity increased from 60 units/month began to now more than 120 units/month, output value of more than one hundred million yuan.

GGII, according to the research on the LED light solid crystal machine in terms of quality and performance with strong competitiveness, and the company also has a certain market share in the overseas markets.

On light equipment chairman Liang Guokang thinks, adapt to market development is the enterprise survival and development of the most important factor. And inversion is currently the most popular on the market concept, on light equipment after the person did not fall on the flip device.

According to company sales this year, after full production in the first half of the company, the company will usher in a new round of orders full, "there are more than 100 sets of equipment orders, the company on this year's performance."

In fact, on light equipment inversion equipment also has a great technical reserves. Tang Juncheng said that at present, the company of the inversion equipment is mainly in some small and medium-sized enterprises in the trial, because they need to constantly open up new roads, need in domestic and international big cracks in search of a new round of growth.

The direction of the company for their future development Tang Juncheng said mainly in two aspects: first, constantly improve on the efficiency, to save costs in a unit time; Second, to intelligent direction.

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