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Choose the LED lighting field, mainly see which parameters?

- Aug 24, 2016 -

 When discussing LED lighting applications in the past, most will application situation in smart homes, offices and automotive field is given priority to, but as the market saturation, LED lighting into the threshold higher industrial lighting. LED lights and traditional lamp there's a big difference in performance, especially in industrial lighting using LED lamps and lanterns. The user at the time of purchase to how to choose good, suitable for industrial lighting of LED lamps and lanterns? Here are several parameters of industrial LED lighting lamps and lanterns for simple introduction for you.

1, according to the degree of

Industrial lighting should be reached a certain intensity of illumination guarantee the comfort and safety of workers, under the condition of reasonable lighting makes the ground area and work lighting level is below equilibrium. The following is the intensity of illumination requirement of industrial lighting: "industrial lighting design standard" national or international CIE recommended standards.

Production of LED lamps and lanterns, Chen USES scientific reasonable light distribution design, irradiation range, uniform illumination; Optical fiber is soft, no glare, to protect the safety of workers and efficient production.

2, bright degree

The LED lamp brightness is the most concern of the user, the brightness can be explained from two aspects.

Brightness L: the light in a particular direction unit solid Angle of the luminous flux per unit area. Unit: candela (CD / ㎡).

Luminous flux phi: light the sum total of the amount of light emitted per second. Unit: lumen (Lm), indicates how much light illuminated, the more light the greater the number of lumens.


3, color temperature

Logo light color is the color temperature measuring unit, said with K values. Yellow light is below 3300 k, the white light is "more than 5300 k, and the middle color" 3300 k to 5300 k.

Of course, the user can according to the environment of lighting application and operation personnel needs to choose suitable for color temperature. Production of LED lamps and lanterns, Chen "can be selected according to the specific requirements of users of different color temperature. Conventional matching color temperature range of 3000 k - $3000 k.


4, the leakage current

LED is a one-way conductive lights, if there is a reverse current, is called the leakage, leakage current big LED, short service life. Production of LED, Chen "grade control within 0.3 A leakage current.


5, antistatic ability

Antistatic ability of LED, long life and therefore price is high. A lot of fake and inferior products on the market do very bad on this one, how many years of life that is expected, greatly shorten the root cause.

Production of LED lamps and lanterns, Chen insulation class is I, have good antistatic capability. To protect the lamps and lanterns for generating static electricity damage leading to lamps and lanterns of life cut short.


6, life of life

Different quality is the key to life, life is decided by droop.

Droop small, long service life, the true quality of LED lights has done almost no light failure, this is the top level in the industry, the industry most LED lights manufacturer.

, production of LED lamps factory, will pass the quality inspection of the quality department inspection! Upon examination part of our products can reach 3000 hours and droop, 30000 hours of light failure is only 1% - 3%; The common LED lamps and lanterns, 3000 hours of light on market failure for more than 20%.


7, protection grade

IP is the abbreviation of Ingress, Protection, IP rating is for electrical equipment enclosure Protection grade of foreign invasion, such as explosion-proof electric appliance, waterproof and dustproof electronics, standard IEC60529 source is the international electrotechnical commission.

For IP protection grade with two Numbers to describe, number used to clear the level of protection.

The first number indicates that the scope of the equipment against dust or the people in a sealed environment from the extent of the damage. Representative to prevent foreign matter into the solid level, the highest level is the 6;

The second figure shows the degree of equipment waterproof. On behalf of prevent water level, the highest level is 8.

Dust levels IPXX (the first X)

Zero: no protection

1: to prevent large solid intrusion

2: prevent medium-sized solid intrusion

3: prevent small solid into the intrusion

4: prevent access object is greater than 1 mm solid

5: to prevent the harmful dust accumulation

6: completely prevent dust entering

Waterproof level IPXX (the second X)

Zero: no protection

1: water drops into the shell had no effect

2: when the shell inclined to 15 degrees, can not influence the water drops into the shell

3: water or rain water from the corner of the 60 degrees to no effect

4: liquid poured by any direction to the shell without damage

5: wash with water without any damage

6: can be used inside the cabin environment

7: can be resistant to flooding in a short time (1 m)

8: in certain pressure under water for a long time

Production of LED lamps and lanterns, Chen protection grade reaches IP65, including research and development production QC - 2015 SF - 10 - A free maintenance of LED desk lamp protection grade up to IP66, and has issued by the national formal examination organization IP66 test report

Industrial lighting should also pay attention to the following:

(1) older workers in the work place, must have a higher intensity of illumination and color rendering.

(2) staff need night work area, suggest not less than 500 lux illumination.

(3) improve the intensity of illumination is likely to reduce the error rate, in the area of error is likely to continue to exist, the proposal USES high intensity of illumination.

(4) working face must be considered and environmental brightness contrast and good illumination, can reduce the errors, reduce fatigue.

(5) in the process of production at high speed and easy error area and its nearby area, the proposal USES high intensity of illumination and light color.

(6) in the absence of Windows or natural light to work area, low intensity of illumination easily depressed mood, in order to let staff feel comfortable and happy, the proposal USES high intensity of illumination and color temperature of light source, high intensity of illumination should not be less than 500 lux.

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