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City light universal Hong Kong IPO/LED display, lighting market growing/purple light lighting released their annual reports

- Sep 13, 2016 -

And subsidies for policy support, the LED industry capacity expansion in the last few years.

High yield research institute (GGII) statistics show that LED 2009-2014, the domestic LED epitaxy chip MOCVD equipment grown from 130 to 130, growth in super 8 times. During the 1000 sets of new MOCVD most got place for each 8 million yuan to 10 million yuan of subsidies.

Extensive expansion, leading to excess production capacity, triggering fierce price war. Of which the most chip market competition is intense, this chip prices dropped by almost 30% in 2015, and in the first quarter of 2016 still continue downward trend. Price war led to supply shrink gradually, industry concentration.

Benefit from the demand side, lighting, the global phase out incandescent light bulb, and LED lighting products falling prices, the global LED lighting is expected from about 30% to further enhance the permeability. About 80% and China as a global LED lighting products production base of production, the future is expected to significantly benefit from the LED lighting the permeability enhancement.

In terms of domestic, October 1, prohibit the import and sale more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp, or important catalyst; LED display screen display, small spacing has entered the market growth, the size of the market is rapidly expanding. Downstream demand and encapsulation technology progress space will drive small spacing and chip consumption growing rapidly.

Small spacing LED downstream market demand, according to the small distance between leading leah's quarterly data show that its first quarter order small spacing increases more than 150%; In addition with small spacing screen point spacing gradually narrowed, small spacing display demand for encapsulation lamp bead multiply (P1.0 lamp bead amount is needed for P2.0 four times).

Benefit from the global to phase out incandescent light bulb and LED lighting products prices falling, the global LED lighting is expected from about 30% to further enhance the permeability. China as the world's 80% yield of LED lighting products production base, the future is expected to benefit from the LED lighting permeability increase significantly.

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