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Crystal electronics "COB +" concept, AC COB 2727 light show virtually alone

- Sep 01, 2016 -

COB light source technology after years of development, since this year the market to both high quality and high photosynthetic efficiency and high stability of the integrated battle over the best cost performance.

Encapsulation, meanwhile, gross margin sharply year by year, the enterprises to reduce the product cost, highly integrated and cost advantages of AC COB as companies seek new profit growth point of the effective means.

AC COB to get rid of the traditional AC - DC switching power supply, no traditional elements such as electrolytic capacitors, transformers, so the light source with high efficiency, and can solve the power shortage of life, extend the service life of the light source, to reduce the product cost as a whole.

"Since the LED lighting industry development, cost reduction and efficiency increase two drivers will make the whole industry's value chain is more, the LED industry should be formed epitaxy chip integration, encapsulate integration module or light engine supplier." Crystal electronics XiaoGuoWei think chairman, AC COB is inevitable trend in the development of the LED.

Temporize, jing ke electronic began last year in the field of AC COB to speed up the layout.

Ten years, jing ke electronic products has been recognized by the industry. In the future, with the white light LED chip scale packaging family continue to promote technological progress, AC COB white chips for lighting applications with industry leading light flux density and the lumens/yuan.

In October 2015, crystal electronic AC, COB, 2727 to complete the research and development new products.

According to understand, AC COB 2727 light in traditional COB light substrate integrated silicon controlled dimmer components, IC components and components for the protection of temperature control, external rectifier circuit can realize direct input, 220 v mains support for 180-260 - v wide voltage amplitude modulation.

The module light source adopts the ceramic substrate, with good heat dissipation performance, resistance to high pressure test, by demanding the gauge and pressure test.

AC COB 2727 light source, on the other hand, get rid of the traditional AC - DC switching power supply, electrolytic capacitors, transformers and other traditional element, light source with high efficiency, and can solve the power shortage of life, prolong the service life of the light source.

In addition, the AC COB light source adopts linear sectional control and compensation current patent technology, plus or minus 3% accurate constant current output control IC, 500 v high process technology.

At present, the AC COB products are patented in 2727, and won a good reputation with customers.

Part of the customers' evaluation of AC COB 2727 products

1, "crystal AC COB distinctive, and synchronous launch" COB + "concept, showed that crystal in the aspect of new technology, new product development, the promotion of a signs."

2, "2727 AC COB module at 3000 k, Ra80 specifications, the photosynthetic efficiency of 100 ~ 110 lm, fully meet the demand of product design, for the preferred power tube lamp module source."

3, "2727 AC COB direct 220 v AC drives, truly realized to the power, provide cost saving lamps and lanterns."

4, "crystal families and 2727 AC COB chip scale packaging, effectively reduce the cooling path, thermal management is excellent, relative to the market have production device package products, has a higher reliability."

5, "crystal family all basic realized the traditional AC COB light engine performance, but a smaller light source module, provide enough space for intelligent design of lamps and lanterns, is one of the light source direction in the future."

6, "crystal families and 2727 AC COB light stability, the design of the dimmer module stroboscopic frequency for 2 times of the AC power supply, do not cause any impact to human eyes, is the ideal choice for the current production level."

7, "relatively light engine sensitive with lamps and lanterns, crystal AC COB has realized the chip scale packaging, there is no competition with downstream of the lamps and lanterns, this is clever industrial chain development strategy."

8, "crystal families and 2727 AC COB verified by our company, the reliability is better than the traditional light engine module, light source, and by the end customer validation of our company, its structure novelty for customers spoke highly of."

9, "crystal AC COB is a ceramic substrate packaging, product cooling performance is good, and high pressure resistance is strong, higher requirements are exported to Europe and North America market."

10, "families and 2727 AC COB chip scale packaging, each function components were fluorescent glue effective protection, compared with the traditional light engine module light obvious advantages in terms of moisture resistant."

Based on AC, COB, 2727 by the customer the consistent high praise, in the process of promoting crystal tyco electronics will carry this product to come "for" 2016 annual high annual product innovation "LED the golden globes.

Crystal electronics said, "along with the infiltration in professional lighting, LED lighting COB products will have more applications. The crystal family COB series according to the customer in the international high-end, this part of the revenue for this year is expected to increase 2 to 3 times, the future in crystal total revenue will reach more than 10%."

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