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DS brand open avant-garde innovation development new stage

- Sep 13, 2016 -

On September 2, on the 19th DS for chengdu auto show booth, a vanguard Party opens the DS brand in the Chinese market a new stage of development. Since the DS brand to enter the Chinese market, and always adhere to the concept of "avant-garde? Paris" and the spirit of "never follow other people's road", and this spirit is coincided with the chengdu city tonality is very consistent, more specifically the DS 5 DS. 6 and other several important models and chengdu was unusually clever "predestination".

So during the conference, the DS brand, jie, general manager of changan PSA, changan PSA sales branch general manager kong chow in the form of "film" reviewed the achievement of the fourth anniversary of the DS into China, more emphasis on the DS to the attention of the southwest market and users. "Into China since 2012, the DS brand launched four domestic models, 4 years to raise brand awareness from 0 to 65%, set up more than 100 sales outlets, the user base plate also has reached 60000. The DS in chengdu sales have been good, thanks to the excellent dealers and consumers trust and support in chengdu. In the future, DS will continue to take the customer as the center, to carry out a series of user feedback activities, in order to better products and services, feedback and southwestern chengdu users."

Not only that, starting in 2012, the DS brand always adhere to the beginner's mind, constantly for Chinese consumers and create more quality car life, but all this is just the DS brand new stage of development in China.

Product is the highest

Since the first domestic 5 model DS, there are still some consumers to the DS brand original design, superb technology, human science and technology, high quality and the classical heritage unique DNA, the most fundamental reason comes from the DS brand which have unique charm.

DS brand in China currently has four models, respectively, the DS 5 6, 5 ls DS, DS and DS 4 s, and the four models in their respective market segment also has a strong product strength.

As the DS brand's flagship model, the first domestic 5 model DS officially listed on September 27, 2013, and in September 4, 2015, chengdu motor show, enable "wing of the DS" family-run former face, completed the DS brand domestically produced vehicles before the face of a unified, and highlights the DS brand avant-garde spirit derived from Paris.

The personage inside course of study, the DS brand of beginner's mind is derived from this model, the DS 5 perfect interpretation of its brand concept and the French elements should have, and as a luxury crossover vehicles, now in its market segment has a considerable advantage, and this model is to establish its luxury brand image in the consumers' mind."

And really brought the DS brand into China's top ten luxury car brand, is on September 27, 2014, arrival of luxury SUV DS 6, also because of the DS 6 rewritten the DS brand development in China's new "resume". According to the data showed that the DS brand sales in 2014, 26703, surged 559%. And the Chinese market sales volume has dominated the global sales of 22.5%, more than 2% in 2013. On September 4, 2015, chengdu motor show, 2016 DS in paragraph 6, the original 1.6 THP200 engine also upgraded to 1.8 T engine.

Also it is because the DS brand to the Chinese market, in 2015, the DS brand annual total sales of 27418 units in China, created the record. Commune, kong chow told the car "reporter in an interview," DS 6 will continue to be a DS brand in the Chinese market volume models. DS will continue to take the opportunity of SUV market in China, from the product structure, layout to improve some."

On the market in this year's Beijing auto show the action of a hatchback DS 4 s, marks the DS brand complete coverage on luxury hatchback segment of the market, further improve the product matrix. As the DS models derived from luxury goods and art capital of Paris, the advantage of the DS 4 s in addition to the five door hatchback modelling that grabs an eye, make it more in the interior.

DS top 4 s adopts Full Nappa leather upholstery, car compartment texture. Cooperate the design is inspired by luxury watch chain seat, French double stitching process, decoration, atmosphere lamp is aluminium delicate details, further upgrade driving experience. Motivation, at the same time, carry the THP130, THP160 and THP200 three engines, choose interval is rich. Cooperate with the level of the chassis set-up on the car, in the protection of comfort at the same time, also can provide young users with certain fun to drive.

Close to the consumer

As product line complete, the DS brand also began to look more focus on the core competitiveness of the products. "We have a generation of product core competitiveness, is the product quality, especially in the area of environmental health. In this regard, in 2017, including in the future, we will spread in building cars products' health." Kong chow told this reporter.

In the DS brand point of view, as a luxury car brand, in addition to the design of the vehicle, the innovation of technology and the material of top, in the field of health and safety, also did a lot of investment. DS brand shenzhen factory is the green plant with European environmental standards, from concept to the terminal process each link, the environmental protection level are far ahead of industry.

Brand for the pursuit of health and safety, in the DS brand also got completely rendered on a few models. Like the DS is the first luxury brands do 100% without asphalt damping pad, car use environmental protection coating, "we are in a lot of material, environmental protection material, especially damping pads, we are no asphalt, asphalt heating is poisonous, and we are no asphalt non-toxic, we from the pollution source control, resistance and butyl rubber mat with PVC material, guarantee the health inside the car." Kong chow is introduced.

These health advantages let owner experience in most auto brand health still stays on the propaganda, the DS cars have the healthy blood into the brand, leading the trends of creating healthy safety car, get the recognition of consumers.

It is understood that the current DS brand model of each component, every production process, in strict accordance with international standard, the vehicle material recovery rate reached 97%. In addition, the DS brand currently existing four models are AQS air quality control system configuration options. This system can automatically detect and judge outside air quality, and adjust the air circulation system according to actual situation.

Although from Paris to China, across more than ten thousand kilometers of the straight line distance, but the DS brand of health and safety is not only reflected in the product itself, in its production base in China shenzhen factory, also in environmental protection industry benchmark. CAPSA shenzhen plant greening coverage of more than 20%, far more than other car plant greening level. Factory integrated using LED energy-saving lighting, energy-saving lamps, lighting and solar street lamps, the overall energy saving about 50% compared with the same factory. In addition, sewage recycle and purification using rainwater collection can save 70% energy. The application of these techniques make the shenzhen factory can save energy consumption every year is equivalent to 6000 tons of standard coal equivalent.

From the factory to product, from technology to materials, the DS brand emphasis on environmental protection with the harsh and manufacture of vehicle is always in the first place and is the industry leader, fully embodies the enterprise high degree of social responsibility, and put consumers' fundamental interests as the first philosophy. At the same time, more will lead the concept of environmental protection in every detail of the vehicle production process, from material selection to process, carefully build healthy driving environment for consumers.

Never enter China only four years old, the DS is at the leading luxury car brand "label" and "health" of front end, and the recognition of consumers. In the vagaries of the Chinese car market, as a new brand, the fledgling all DS will continue with the concept of customer first, with efficient localization speed, bring Chinese consumers leading European optimum scale automobile technology and progressive spirit of Paris, France.

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