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Factory 8 LED Stage Beam Light /DJ/Disco/Bar Light for Sale

- Sep 20, 2016 -

Basic Info

Material: high quality materials

Certification: CE, RoHS, SGS

Advantage: anti-aging, waterproof

Technology: international advanced lighting technology.

Specification: 2 years warranty

Light source: LED lights

Emitting light colors: changeable

Flash: electronic flash

IP rating: IP20

Ac 90 v to 260 v voltage: 50/60 hz

Advantage: high quality

Professional manufacturer of stage lighting equipment:

Imake LED lights and stage equipment manufacturer, producing all kinds of LED moving head stage

Light, head light, beam pattern, stage light, stage laser, par lamp, stage special stage

Affect the equipment such as fog/smoke machine, snow machine, candy machine, bubble machine, stage acoustics

Equipment and more. Our factory is located in the international business city of guangzhou China

Near the guangzhou baiyun international airport is the most convenient means of transportation, Imake more than 10 years

Experience on the global stage lighting industry in the production of high quality LED stage lighting equipment cafes,

Club, disco, party, dance hall, disco club, bar, KTV, theatre, travel programs, radio and video

Hall, concert hall, the leisure hall, dance hall, multifunctional hall, auditorium, conference room, studio,

Television exhibition hall outdoor stage, and so on.

We are recognized as technology leader and stage lighting equipment manufacturers, one of the most popular, global fashion and luxurious design, concrete technology has high stage lighting equipment

Business and production design. Have advanced equipment and professional technology, research and development for more and more enterprises. We have advanced production equipment machinery hinge system provides a uniform distribution in all directions to create incredibly strong, uniform, quality of stage lighting equipment. Won't the breakdown and damage easy in use.

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