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Flexible Eye-protection Lamp with Light Up Logo and Silicone Adjustable Base, 3 Light Color

- Sep 26, 2016 -

Product Details


1).Product size: 56.2*6.5*2.1cm

2).Materials: aluminum alloy+silicone

3).Battery type: polymer lithium battery

4).Capacity: 2000mAh

5).Logo: custom laser logo

6).Product color: gun color+black/silver+white/gold+white

7).Power input: 5V/1A

8).Color temperature: warm white: 3100K, neutral white: 4200K, cool white: 5400K

9).Luminous flux: warm white: 9.858-119.97lm, neutral white: 20.113-189.42lm, cool white 14.294-131.01lm

10). Luminous efficiency: warm white: 49.3-108.4lm/W, neutral white: 50.4-102.7lm/W, cool white: 54.35-108.1lm/W

11). LED lamp wattage: warm white: 0.09-2.43W, neutral white: 0.19-3.75W, cool white: 0.13-2.41W

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