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Hon, star/countries/crystal/Buddha as/op... They have put what LED lighting standards

- Sep 18, 2016 -

According to management requirements, such as the local standard of guangdong province, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau organization expert group for the province in 2016 to declare provincial local standard LED lighting industry planning project (first) for review.

The eight local standards are: LED light electric device online test method, the LED uv radiation test method, the LED lighting stroboscopic limits and measurement methods, the LED light diffusion, surface spray coating with uv LED curing system performance requirements, the LED light source of sulfide corrosion resistant reliability testing method, the elementary and middle schools classroom lighting design specification, LED the filament lamp.

Be responsible for the local standards of the drafting of the starlight units including hong god remit, electricity, electronics, crystal three Ann photoelectric, TCL, foshan lighting, covey optoelectronics, silicon, opple lighting, and other enterprises.

Through research, decision-making for the proposed project of 2016 eight provinces where the LED lighting industry standard planning project (the first, see the attachment). For advice deadline for on September 29, 2016.

Notable is, the local standards for the first time see the LED standard filament lamp make a plan.

As a niche category of LED bulb lamp, filament lamp demand rapid growth in recent years.

High yield research institute (GGII) LED research data show that in 2015 the global LED lamp filament market demand of only 70 million, up 367% from a year earlier. 2016 global LED lamp filament market demand is expected to 220 million only.

On October 1, at the same time, along with incandescent light bulb ban into effect last stage, the main alternatives to traditional incandescent filament lamp market demand is expected to be a sustained growth trend.

But at present, domestic didn't relevant standards for filament lamps. Especially in the past for a long time, the filament lamp export share is higher.

In 2016 LED the national symposium on special filament lamp, high excitation test detection, deputy general manager of chang hung Shared the foreign market related inspection standard for filament lamps.

"The strict market access and check the system, make a lot of people still standing outside the door of the market." Chang hung said, the United States market LED filament light entry requirements of the difficulty lies in the temperature and volume, drop test, the light intensity distribution of light bulbs, lumens maintaining test, etc.

Bulb, for example, the drop test standard requirements usually hands can not touch the live parts after drop test, the requirement of the intensity distribution is omnidirectional light intensity measured value 0-130 degree area the average no more than 60%, and no more than 20% light intensity of the measured values of the average change over 35%, while 130-180 degrees area of not less than 5% of the total luminous flux.

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