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Infrared LED market "surface" osram/samsung/hong/crystal electricity/foot flat light

- Sep 10, 2016 -

From fingerprint identification to iris recognition, biometrics gradually into the terminal consumer electronics products, the global biometric market is expected to reach $2020 in 25 billion, one of the fastest growing for face recognition, in the case of increasing application scenario, we determine the face recognition is probably the next consumer terminal innovation direction.

According to the personage inside course of study says, osram plan will would have to be used for the LED chip factories to be to iris scanning technology such as IR leds. Depending on the smart phone manufacturers and virtual reality system of IR leds (IR LED) iris recognition depending on the demand of the product.

Although not yet finalize, reportedly, osram plans to invest at least 100 million euros (about 750 million yuan) in regensburg, Germany LED chip factory.

Osram authorities declined to comment.

South Korean company samsung is also one of the iris recognition technique is used on the smartphone manufacturers, also is the problem for battery recently global recall of Galaxy Note 7. At the same time, apple plans to import the similar function on the future of the iPhone rumours abound.

Osram money from Malaysia LED semiconductor factories to other applications, such measures could as for 2015 were strongly against the osram LED chip factory investors a concession.

According to German business newspaper (German daily Handelsblatt), osram will use the money in regensburg, Germany and wuxi factories in China.

Domestic LED encapsulation hong god send (300219) of listed companies, in recent years in LED other niche active layout, the infrared LED (niche for image recognition, face recognition) areas also have layout, once the future market demand volume, the company will have the first mover advantage.

Hong god send its main infrared leds in xu sheng co (837094) first reported, according to the company's business income is 25.8563 million yuan, 28.83% more than last year.

Company is mainly engaged in infrared LED research and development, production and sales of the device and its components. The company's products include infrared LED encapsulation device, the infrared LEDTIR optical lens and the infrared LED module.

Taiwan factory, is now capable of producing the IR LED chip machine factory for crystal 鋐 electricity, light, after a period of encapsulation ability of crystal, light for research.

The personage inside course of study says, samsung import of iris identification using a high-power IR LED, about 810 nm wavelength, offer up to several dollars, although have Fujitsu import in the mobile phone in the past, but because of brand awareness is not enough, did not become a bright spot.

Samsung is the first bold use of first-line brand factory, comparative index significance. Industry thinks, import the iris identification purpose is not to unlock, target on the future of mobile payments.

LED factory said, about 40 points identification of fingerprint recognition, the iris identification the ascent to 240, identification greatly ascend, used in mobile payment more safety, early leave IR LED specification is osram.

Due to the application on the phone more emphasis on light thin and small Angle, the technical threshold in the period of encapsulation, osram, from the first to do after, so the price is high, the infrared LED chip, assembly house in mainland China and Taiwan has price advantage.

Mainly divided into commercial face recognition industry chain system, mainstream software, algorithms, such as terminal equipment integrated application requires a complete set of solutions, the big players have an advantage in this respect, we pay more attention to the industrial chain related hardware changes.

Traditional face recognition technology is mainly based on visible light image of face recognition, but this way is difficult to overcome the defect of the near infrared face recognition system can completely solve the problem of environment light.

Active face near infrared imaging device for face recognition is not affected by the ambient light, the high quality of face image, the so-called high quality include: image brightness, uniformity, contrast the right, there is no excessive exposure, etc. Active face near infrared imaging equipment generally includes the following units:

1, in the corresponding active near infrared band intensity is higher than the ambient light of light source, generally for 850 nm and 940 nm infrared LED high power;

2, can receive near-infrared light camera, usually in the form of CCD image sensor. CCD has small volume, light weight, small distortion, low power consumption, low voltage driver, impact resistant, the advantages of strong vibration resistance, resistance to electromagnetic interference, so they are widely used in all kinds of image acquisition system.

In face recognition system of CCD is basically a silicon substrate, the spectral response range of 400 nm to 1100 nm, the scope is narrow band filter spectral range to consider;

3, narrow-band filter, 臵 in camera lens, allows the near-infrared light through filtering the ambient light at the same time. Is mainly used to isolate the interference light, through the signal light, fully highlighted the useful information, reduce the interference information, and lay a foundation for subsequent image processing and recognition.

Technology on infrared LED narrow-band filter is expected to become the core factor. At present some solutions using isolation visible light through infrared infrared glass as a filter, isolated from the ordinary infrared glass, however, is only visible and ultraviolet light, and not a part of the isolation interference light at infrared wavelengths.

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