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Intelligent LED street lamp to improve municipal lighting Dazu county of chongqing area enterprise build wisdom city hand in hand

- Aug 31, 2016 -

Wisdom city on the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data integration on the basis of a new generation of information technology, such as the key to the integration of urban operation system information, to urban services, public safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, all kinds of requirements to make intelligent response, realizes the urban management and service of automation and intellectualization.

Current, intelligent city has become a hot word, China's economic development to build wisdom city become our country to carry out the strategy of urbanization, industrialization, informationization, and other countries of the important carrier.

As pioneer of establishing city, street lamp is intensive and extensive urban infrastructure. Energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent street lamp control science is urban public lighting system and the city is an important part of wisdom.

To achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction targets, show the features of regional culture, to speed up the pace of investment promotion and capital introduction, in recent years, dazu county district municipal gardens bureau to quadruple group of chongqing quad photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "four league photoelectric"), promote the green energy-saving LED lighting project.

Quadruple photoelectric as the leading enterprise in domestic energy conservation service, through independent research and development, technology innovation, has become the most complete industry chain of west China, operating the largest LED semiconductor lighting industrial base, its products are widely used in city lighting and lighting facilities.

It is understood that the project has successfully packaged, installation of intelligent street lamp and landscape lighting not only greatly improved the dazu county area city image, to promote the development of local economy and also for the dazu county district construction wisdom city laid a solid foundation.

Enterprise hand in hand

Promoting green energy-saving LED lighting

Dazu county district municipal gardens bureau relevant controller introduces, in the past, the street lamp lighting USES is the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, they have a large gap in with LED lighting effects, and unable to realize saving energy control.

In December 2012, according to the requirements of dazu county district party committee, the district government, dazu county district municipal gardens bureau signed with quad photoelectric technology co., LTD. "dazu county area green energy-saving LED lighting renovation and new project and landscape lighting project framework contract, in the enterprise cooperation pattern, to promote urban public lighting facilities.

According to the different degree of street lamp lighting of dazu county city road, quadruple photoelectric in dazu county urban main road and time on the road of high pressure sodium lamp to replace a 160 w LED street lamp alternatives to traditional 400 w high pressure sodium lamp, with a 100 w LED street lamp replacement of traditional 250 w high pressure sodium lamp, with a 65 w LED street light alternatives to traditional 150 w high pressure sodium lamp.

Data show, after more than three years of construction, quadruple photoelectric in dazu county area to install the LED green energy-efficient lighting lamps and lighting lamp, 15891 8136 8136 lamp, LED street lamp lighting lamp (5733 new lamp, upgrading 2022 lamps), LED street lamp has covered more than 20 square kilometers of dazu county city.

After replacement of high pressure sodium lamp, quadruple photoelectric in intelligent street light control fluctuation kongfu, to include the city street lamp in the digital city management centralized control system, using quadruple group light, machine, electricity, heat and control technology of dazu county city street single lamp control, check each lamp running state and set different according to different times and demand of power.

According to introducing, dazu county area of intelligent street lamp management system integrated application of quad photoelectric modern wireless communication technology, optical fiber communication technology, large screen command scheduling technology and urban geographic information integration technology, formed the precise, agile and efficient, visualization, all the time, a full range of urban street lamp lighting intelligent management platform.

At present, dazu county of the newly installed 7755 LED street lamp has fully realize single lamp intelligent dimming control.

For the convenience of citizens to travel, dazu county district municipal gardens bureau also according to the season, the weather changes, through the street lamp intelligent management platform optical system to realize automatic open to turn off the lights. At ten every night at the same time, the system will reduce the urban intelligent LED street lamp automatic 20% light source, energy consumption will be LED street lamp power again in the morning to reduce 30% energy consumption and realize energy saving at all.

It is worth mentioning that for management of lamps and lanterns, dazu county area have to include it in the concept of "Internet +". Through the intelligent management platform prompt failure of lamps and lanterns, can find fault street lamp position and the cause of the problem as soon as possible, improve the maintenance efficiency.

"After the LED street lamp intelligent control, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, reducing energy consumption, and reduced the amount of maintenance." The controller introduces, according to the measure, can save more than 700, ten thousand yuan a year. Of electricity saving of more than 650 650 yuan, cut down the cost of maintenance and consumables nearly 50, ten thousand yuan, reduce carbon dioxide emissions more than 13000 tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 430 tons, hundreds of thousands of dazu county people benefit from it.

The characteristics of culture

Landscape lighting to show "stone carving of the township"

Dazu county enjoy "hitom" reputation, with chongqing is the only world cultural heritage dazu grottoes, is well-known Chinese and foreign stone carving of the township, now the national cultural tourism district, country garden district.

Into the macro plaza, located in the center of the city around 191 groups of "Chinese flowering crab-apple yaojiang garden" of the square lamp modelling design is exquisite, exquisite production, let to the entertainment of the local residents and tourism holiday tourists feast for the eyes, linger.

According to quadruple photoelectric technology personnel, "Chinese flowering crab-apple yaojiang garden" LED lights, 191 and 764, the whole lamp power 40 w, including 4 lamp power of 10 w high photosynthetic efficiency and high energy saving LED light source, light source to the replacement of traditional light source, LED lights all the lights will be combination of creativity and art, combining the function of landscape lighting and lighting, both the energy consumption of large, and enhancing the landscape color.

Alone is not only a "haitang", dazu county city yingbin avenue "the prosperous times lotus" lights of stone lotus petals to fabulous lamp arm, different shapes, the buddhist swastika pattern is clearly visible, looking like Buddha lotus pedestal reveals the culture of the world's stone carving of the township.

In dazu county area five star avenue, called "bergamot lotus" solar LED street lamp modelling beautiful, clever design, its inexhaustible, an inexhaustible, clean pollution-free solar energy for energy, clean, safety, long life and other conventional energy does not have the advantage.

"Dazu county because of the well known carved stone, stone carving culture has integrated into the dazu county all corners of the city. The city street lamp design and construction, must highlight the dazu county as a buddhist holy land, and stone carving of the township cultural expression." Dazu county district municipal gardens bureau chief introduction, stone carvings in dazu county has a profound historical culture, buddhist culture, as a result, the city street lamps and lighting design is especially pay attention to the construction of facilities and traditional culture organically blend together, to add to the urban landscape, make travel card.

Today, dazu county nan shan park "xiangyun courtyard lights," "imitation song dynasty style typeface palace lantern" north loop, the five-star avenue "ChengShiLong grain" landscape lamp, garden in the "Song Hua", "civilization", "the glorious age of tang poetry" and so on the different shapes of street lamp, constitute dazu county a beautiful beautiful scenery of lighting engineering, illuminates the night sky, the cultural tourism city become a cultural sign dazu county welcome tourists around.

To optimize the investment environment

Strengthen the competitive power of the investment promotion and capital introduction

Connection dazu county town of city, LongShui Town and postal kiosk large post road, on both sides of distribution in dazu county is the most important battleground "" three big industry, therefore, shoulders great post road leading to the dazu county city, park and other places of people, logistics.

In dazu county area before LED green energy-saving lighting renovation project implementation, due to the poor lighting conditions, unsafe, big post road has been criticized by local residents and foreign merchants.

As the quad photoelectric is responsible for the construction of 784 sets of LED energy-saving lighting lamps, installation is complete, all lights on, now, big post road sections of the night sky bright many, greatly improve the driving comfort and security, and won the appreciation of the local people.

"From a security point of view, use LED lights not only make the brightness increased, and the poor weather conditions such as in rain penetration is also better, more conducive to the driver in time and deal with the traffic in various situation, to reduce the number of traffic accidents." Quadruple photoelectric technology personnel introduces, this is also the LED street lamp can play a biggest role in the way of urban-rural integration.

Is not only a big province, direct postal kiosk in dazu county city of high-speed Long Tang avenue, through scientific planning and dazu county district municipal bureau of parks and woods quadruple photoelectric with all its strength, at present, the road section as a whole has a new intelligent LED street lamp 658 groups. Lighting comprehensive upgrade, make Long Tang avenue connects the dazu county city and the industrial park of another "meridians".

A driving to park employees often talked about his intuitive feelings: "from the driver's point of view, the old street lamp off before look very bright, but the feeling is not very bright, while driving tend to be light but the ground is not bright, the air is the distance of the some also can't see clearly, especially in rainy day, can only see the car before the scope of a few meters." After the implementation of lighting renovation project, he said, now, vehicle eyes more comfortable, driving is also more sure.

"Street lights are like the eyes of a city. In the eyes of foreign investors, the city's image is very important also, they tend to do by eating, living, around these things to learn about the local investment environment and cultural atmosphere. So, to let the residents and clients feel comfortable, safe, beautiful, investment so as to enhance our competitiveness." Dazu county district municipal gardens bureau director, said in the green energy-saving LED lighting lamp installation and management system of intelligent street lamp gear upgrades, in dazu county area increase the rate of city bright lights, reduce energy consumption, reduce the number of traffic accidents, stable social order and speed up the investment promotion and capital introduction has played a great role in promoting.

At present, the giant teng international magnesium aluminum alloy chassis production base, chongqing is ding door industry, renewable resources industrial park, and other enterprises has successively in dazu county industrial park, with automobile and parts, equipment manufacturing and modern hardware, the traditional pillar industries such as circular economy grows further, as well as electronic information, robot and intelligent equipment, environmental equipment, such as speed up the convergence of emerging industries, dazu county area has been on the path of a high-speed development.

, dazu county area are associated with four coupling photoelectric enterprise wisdom city implementation and lifting scheme is discussed in this paper. Next, dazu county district municipal gardens bureau will be taking the intelligent street lamp wisdom city construction as an important breakthrough. In the future, in the wireless WiFi, charging pile, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, lamp post screen, etc can be based on a street lamp and intelligent control platform to achieve.

To be sure, the wisdom city roads in dazu county district construction, intelligent LED street lights and the beautiful landscape lighting will continue as a unique scenery, to the world.

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