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Is a miracle of the requisition: solar charging LED lights, benefiting ten million people!

- Aug 31, 2016 -

There is a beautiful island in northern Caribbean - Haiti

In January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake,

Large area of houses collapsed,

Almost knocked out power supply system

Many rescue must therefore be forced to stop,

People life is lost in a mess...

Graduated from Columbia University architecture design of the two girls

Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta

In the earthquake was also involved in the rescue operation

See this scenario

They are determined to design a disaster with lights

To solve these problems

Spent 4 years

They use solar energy and light-emitting diodes

Designed a solar outdoor inflatable emergency lamps and lanterns --


LuminAID appearance resembles a first aid kit

Usually it is the size of a cell phone

Carry out is very convenient

But, after the blow to open, but it can be bigger

Light range is very wide also

The charging process is very simple

As long as the open under the sun

There is a solar battery

Click on the can shine

Very convenient!

Maximum brightness can reach 65 lumens

At the same time, the brightness of the light is equivalent to more than 60 candles

Reading books and newspapers, doudizhu, playing mahjong

More than enough to simply

Brightness can also according to their own needs to adjust

As well as emergency SOS mode and shiny

And professional version can also be waterproof

Ready to use as a buoy

Under the sun

Seven hours can be recharged

Maximum use 30 hours after full recharge

Even if it's cloudy

Also can still charging

Just charging time longer

This product has been widely used in now

The United Nations more than 70 countries public welfare project and disaster relief

Including hurricane Isaac in Haiti, the Philippines haiyan typhoon, Nepal earthquake

And so on...

In addition to

They also for those who cannot supply power system

Provide a large number of solar lamps and lanterns

Millions of people benefit from

Of course,

It is absolutely artifact ~ of outdoor tourism

LuminAID not Aladdin magic lamp

But it has brought light and hope for a lot of people

The two girls, therefore, also have a number of public awards

Check the detailed video together

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