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LED crystal light

- Aug 27, 2016 -

The room lights, in the middle of the ceiling that particularly dazzling crystal lamp. Each crystal in the light source

Through the ages, people for the precious jade, crystal had given it a bunch of the bills of extremely rich aesthetic feeling. In today's society

LED crystal lamp is given priority to with LED particle source of crystalline light. General installation in the crystal LED luminous particles

LED crystal lamp light source is the advantage of no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and can avoid fluorescent tube rupture overflow

Glittering and translucent crystal beauty is by inside and outside send out, "reflected the color, the empty list"

The LED crystal lamp lighting concept

LED the emergence of broke the traditional design method of the light source and the train of thought, there are two kinds of the latest design concept.


To the environment demand to design the lamps and lanterns. Lighting in place as a starting point, aims to build a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to foil scene effect, make the person feel the scene atmosphere.

Mood lighting

To the need of people to design the lamps and lanterns. Mood lighting is emotionally as a starting point, from the perspective of people to create a kind of artistic conception of light environment.

How to choose and buy the led crystal lamp

Glittering and translucent get rid of crystalline light came into the ordinary people more and more. With the development of crystal cutting technology, the crystal lamp small-sized, line that has contemporary feeling extremely and fantastic colors, will become a highlight of contemporary bedroom space, especially the girl's favourite, glittering and translucent crystal lamp, the same light shone out like dream, dancing mood will follow up.

So how to choose crystalline light? The following techview technology provide the choose and buy of crystalline light method, hope to be of help.

Pay attention to brand logo

The crystalline light of different brand, its quality and the price will be vary widely. Some famous brand in order to guarantee the quality, to prevent the sham as the genuine, can engrave on each crystal act the role of brand logo, as long as you identify carefully when buy clearly You can. In addition, the need to remind you is, a little illegal manufacturer still can make exterior time very, some generic crystalline light appearance can be acted the role of with certain famous brand almost rival, however, its may be extremely & other Treasures outside its, defeat garrulous them throughout the &; , such as the bigger crystalline light periphery or conspicuous place installation quality lamp bead, and in the lining of the lamp or the place of concealment is shoddy. Therefore, you must polish eyes when buying crystalline light to pick up my heart.

Has exquisite pendants specifications

Whether the lappet norms of crystalline light unite count. Crystal lamp can blossom a dazzling light, show luxuriant noble temperament, all depend on a perfect crystal, so pendant, if layered pendant Small size is differ, it is bound to affect the aesthetic feeling of crystal light whole show. Some generic crystal droplight lappet Kong Re not standard, or existence profit margin, wear away, size is differ, and so on and so forth, not only affect the appearance, also easy to split, if any The lappet of if crystal droplight falls from smallpox, could pose a threat to the safety of the family.

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