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LED emergency bulb light

- Aug 31, 2016 -

In today's energy shortage, we often encounter power outage or peripheral line fault causes and all of a sudden power failure without lighting, to our life and in business to bring a lot of inconvenience, especially in the family and the service industry has brought great impact on the lighting and embarrassment.

Now in this to introduce you to a LED emergency bulb light can solve this problem.

This kind of lamps and lanterns of LED emergency bulb convenient intelligent beautiful at a suit, all light emitting part chooses high brightness LED lamp bead, energy-saving and brightness are very good, and very high ratio of price and the size of LED lights but the function is different.

The product in the grid electricity is automatically recharge when this will shut down automatically charging status when fully charged, which greatly increased the service life of the lamp and battery, if there is a power grid blackout LED emergency light can transform himself into a state of battery power lighting in 1 second time automatic conversion is successful, when you have electricity grid will be automatically converted into charging and lighting condition. If you will not turn off the light switch directly, very convenient smart allows you to more easily.

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