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LED eye protection lamp with 3 different lights and different lightness to adjust

- Sep 26, 2016 -

Product Details

  1.  Eye-protection lamp function with low radiation

  2.  Lamp arm can be freely adjusted the angle 

  3. Metal and silicone material design

  4. Light up your logo, very nice advertising tool

  5. Touch switch design let it so special and convenient

  6. Softly touch the color temperature control panel can change color temperature and control the lightness


  Product size: 56.2*6.5*2.1cm

  Material: aluminum alloy+silicone

  Battery type: polymer battery

  Logo: custom laser logo (can do light up logo effect)

  Lighting effect: yellow light: 479-2900lm/w, white light: 359-2150lm/w, warm light: 770-4100lm/w


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