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Led flip/CSP, application area lies between decision in the future

- Sep 12, 2016 -

Because the flip chip heat dissipation is good, high reliability, able to withstand high current drive, make it has the very high cost performance, so the "flip chip and chip scale packaging" has become the perfect combination.

In LED light device cost and reliability has a strong advantage, in the last two years has become a mainstream direction of the LED industry development.

But limited by the upstream chip manufacturers mainly capacity in assembling a chip, flip and CSP cost reduction in addition to the market demand, driven by a significant portion of the factor lies in the upstream of the supply capacity.

In addition, how to define its market segment and flip/CSP manufacturers need to calm thinking.

"The CSP in backlight application domain, the application is relatively common, but is still can't see the value in terms of lighting industry." The earliest sortie inversion technology of the electronic XiaoGuoWei think chairman, for the price of SMD two years ago, CSP and perhaps replacing general lighting market advantage, but in such a low price at present, already can't see too much significance.

Particular niche applications such as high power integration, backlit advantage will be the future flip/CSP comes in.

Inversion and CSP, it is not to replace the existing LED encapsulation, due to the LED industry and technology show the tendency of shunt, concurrently Evergrande vendors, small manufacturers need to find out their own market.

CSP products in backlight, special lighting and automotive lighting market, the customer has a higher design flexibility. Special commercial lighting, courtyard lamp, projection lamp, flashlight, cell phone flash light projection products such as optical design, CSP has its own unique advantages.

Flip chip LED is being installed, the vertical structure of high reliability, high reliability, especially against pulsed high current shock that a performance to improve the service life of the LED in the practical application and high power density application.

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