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LED industry transition is imminent enterprise must, development of core technology

- Sep 12, 2016 -

Leaders at the G20 summit is not only the world's major economies in big parties, LED in it "stunning appearance", also on September 4th at the G20 "hangzhou is the most yi" theatrical performances, lamplight is becoming the star of the show, 50 minutes show has more than 100 lights change, want to rely on light, the lake scenery, the moonlight all aspects such as transfer out of the "poetic". Landscape lighting with osram, light level; The surface using long light LIGHTSKY, protective high; The scene lighting and special effects from hiromi electronic; Guangzhou many independent brands of color bright lights in the service of the party.

At the same time, the G20 summit in jinping President's important speech, and an indicator of decision-making also on behalf of the state of industry development, the future development of LED industry has an important enlightenment.

The LED industry transition is imminent

Xi, chairman of the g20 business summit in a keynote speech in the said: "China's reform has entered a GongJianQi and deep water area, we will be a strong man DuanWan courage, the determination of phoenix nirvana, afraid to soundly pernicious disease accumulated many years of operation, dare to touch deep interest relationship and contradiction, the reform to the end."

And is not only the Chinese economy to reform, while the LED industry more need reform.

At present, China is already the world's largest LED the market, and domestic LED enterprises compete, let many foreign companies have chose to withdraw from the Chinese market, can be said to be the victory of the domestic enterprises; But on the other hand, now the domestic LED the number up to 2 m, concentrated in the low-end market capacity, market products tend to homogeneity malicious competition, price competition between enterprises and market, low profits LED to many business failures, in 2014 alone 4000 LED business failures.

In the face of the development of increasingly urgent problem, the LED industry future development should be more transformation, product differentiation, have gradually become the focus topic into intelligent lighting, transition and reform can only keep the enterprise vitality.

Reasonable use of capital, and promote enterprises to go out

Xi, chairman of the g20 business summit in a keynote speech, said: China will continue to be involved in the process of economic globalization, support the multilateral trading system; In order to carry out the marketization of RMB exchange rate reform, gradually open the domestic capital market at the same time, will continue to promote the yuan to go out.

Since this year, wood Tomlinson successful acquisition of osram lighting business, jinsha consortium to bid for philips Lumileds, indications that, under the background of global integration, the LED industry into the capital driven growth stage, the domestic part of the powerful foreign enterprises have been able to buy the LED LED enterprises, LED by foreign enterprise brand, continue to go out.

The development of the core technology

Xi chairman mentioned to scientific and technological innovation to promote China's economic transformation, and the end of the main factors such as resources, capital and labor input to support the old model of economic growth, this is China's hope.

LED industry should also comply with the development trend, at present, the core technology and high-end LED industry should be further improve the quality of the product, replace the imported, change at present, the core technology, core patents abroad giant hand adverse situation, only truly master the core technology, you can't really say.

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