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Led lamp bead parameters

- Aug 26, 2016 -

1, brightness

The brightness of the LED lamp bead is different, the price is different.

Light cup: general brightness for 60-70 lm; Ball steep light: general brightness is 80-90 lm.

1 w red light, the brightness is commonly 30-40 lm; 1 w green light, brightness is generally 60-80 lm; 1 w yellow light, brightness is commonly 30-50 lm; 1 w blue light, brightness is usually 20 to 30 lm.

Note: 1 w brightness for 60-110 lm; 3 w brightness up to 240 lm; 5 w - 300 w is integrated chip, using series/parallel encapsulation, basically see how much current, voltage, and a few strings.

LED lens: a lens PMMA, PC, is commonly used in optical glass, silica gel (hard soft silica gel, silica gel) and other materials. Angle of the light efficiency is higher, the greater the LED lens with a small Angle, the light will shoot far.

2, the wavelength

Wavelength is consistent, the same color. The price is high.

White light warm color (color temperature 2700-4000 k), is the white color temperature (5500-6000 k), cold white color temperature (7000 k) europeans prefer warm white.

Red: band 600-680, 620630 of which is mainly used for stage lights, 690 near infrared light.

Blu-ray: band 430-480, and 430 more stage light.

Green: band 500-580, and 500 more stage light.

3, light Angle

Use different LED light Angle is different. Special light Angle, the price is higher.

4, antistatic ability

Antistatic ability of the LED lamp bead, long service life, thus higher prices. Antistatic usually greater than 700 v LED lamp bead can be used in the LED lighting.

5, the leakage current

LED lamp bead is a one-way conductive lights, if there is a reverse current, is called the leakage, leakage current big LED lamp bead, short service life, low price.

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