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LED light source projector light source played an important role

- Jun 13, 2015 -

One to two years, LCD, TV frequency is high "LED light" with a new image appears. In the major exhibition, LED light source is widely used in many brands of projectors, LED light source is also considered a traditional projector metal halide light bulbs and popular new alternative to ultra high pressure mercury lamps.

As the LED light sources are cold light source, compared with traditional projection lamp, low heat, and extremely long service life 20,000 hour advantage. Therefore, application of LED light source size of volume of projectors can do phone, and need not be used like ordinary projector replacement bulbs in two years. From the industrial point of view, LED light source applied to the projector as much as a technical upgrade.

When the core components of the projector – entered the era of LED light source, which will impact how the projector market for 2009? Here we will analyze with readers.

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