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LED lighting industry transformation period Intelligent lighting trend is irresistible

- Sep 13, 2016 -

Incandescent lamp is one of the greatest invention in the 19th century, and now to quit the historical stage. In accordance with the phase out incandescent roadmap, issued by the state to the October 1, our country will be a total ban on sales and import more than 15 watts and ordinary incandescent light bulbs, lighting, or to adjust the midterm results.

Instead, the energy-saving lamps, LED, etc. Is worth looking forward to, Internet, information technology create intelligent lighting that a new trend, it is not only energy, but also more natural gentle color at random and add the dynamic effect, simulation hundreds of scenarios, become an important part of Internet service.

A new round of product change

As the energy conservation and emissions reduction, falling prices of LED lighting industry rapid development, eliminate incandescent lamp is the trend of The Times.

According to DIGITIMES data, global LED lighting market scale growth significantly in recent years, from $2009 in 1.75 billion, rose to $2015 in 29.9 billion, during the compound annual growth rate reached 60.5%. But its permeability is still not high, only 27.2% in 2015. Therefore, its growth space is still huge.

Recently, China's largest chip maker three photoelectric Ann decided to part of the small and medium size product price rise 10%, while cinda photoelectric, ample photoelectric and wood Tomlinson is RGB LED manufacturers such as lamp bead prices rise 5%, this is the year following the march and may price adjusted pricing for the third time. Since this year, the supply side shrinking, and encapsulation is slowing effect, the LED industry, the overall supply and demand will be gradually improved.

The key moments during the transformation and upgrading of lighting industry, Internet, information technology create intelligent lighting that a new trend.

Startup technology has unveiled a super light tone, it is equipped with better energy saving solutions, through the development of hardware, software, system linkage products, to provide users with rich, general scenario. In the scene, the product can intelligently guide users to take the initiative to produce energy saving behavior. The remote to turn off the lights and precise control, for example, a balance in light and comfortable lighting saving.

Tone that science and technology, energy saving can be divided into passive and active energy saving energy saving. Passive energy saving is one of the traditional energy saving way, rely mainly on reducing power consumption for energy saving lamps and lanterns of itself. The luminous flux LED is energy saving, it 15 times that of incandescent lamp, is three times as many energy-saving lamps. But if there is no active energy saving, the passive energy saving is meaningless. When only one employee to work overtime in the company, he often need to open a whole row of even half of the company's lamp, such behavior does not bring the real energy saving.

Intelligent lighting in the spring

In other words, the lighting is not only a lamp, and the need for a system. Tone, founder and CEO xiao-jun huang introduced science and technology, independent research and development of science and technology of the super tone switch, super light, small wireless switch, the APP provides four one of the light control scheme. Can be more natural gentle color and add the dynamic effect, simulation hundreds of scenarios, and have precise, intelligent, simple control characteristics.

It is understood that the lamp control system can realize the precise control of each lamp that super light, including the control of color, color temperature, saturation, brightness, action, etc. 10 kinds of commonly used in life scenes, covering the sitting room, bedroom, kitchen and other kinds of everyday living space, and through the application of light color builds a fashionable household atmosphere. At the same time, the product fully supports the user's personalized custom lighting scene.

In addition to use super small gateway and wireless switch enough for operation, one key APP on display lamp orientation diagram at the same time, so that users can be found on the map the location of each lamp, name, type, and it was work. In addition, users can also set up a new room on software, and the room any sort, hide, and delete.

Because every super electric light in ordinary lamp offers based on the color of the light 16.58 million colours, 9000 kinds of color changes in temperature moderate 1% to 100% of the brightness adjustment, covering various personalized needs of human survival and life light, is a kind of innovation in the field of lighting.

In the field of household, intelligent lighting sleep patterns will light color temperature down to 1500 k. In this mode, comfortable yellow light was the mixture of red and green light, and does not contain any blu-ray, users of the body to produce more melatonin and help users quickly into natural sleep. And large commercial sites, such as whether to build atmosphere, commodity partition requirements can be fully satisfied.

It also makes the intelligent lighting logical to become the industry watches a major development direction. Released in March this year, huawei on CeBIT2016 high-profile first multi-level intelligent control lighting iot solutions, April op intelligent household strategic cooperation agreement with huawei. Not only that, the international lighting giant GE, philips, osram, etc have their, smell the smell of lighting content networking prospects.

Key into Internet service

Global intelligent lighting market is about $2013 in 1.287 billion, although the small intelligent lighting market, but in the future companies actively promote and energy-saving trend, the market will continue to grow, to $8.71 billion in 2019.

At present, in the development process of intelligent lighting is faced with a dilemma. Technically, universal intelligent lighting products are stroboscopic problems, discoloration is not appeared in the process of synchronous operation, function of product homogeneityphenomenon serious, etc.; From the consumer level, intelligent lighting products price is very expensive; Enterprise perspective, worried that the intelligent lighting products and its own traditional lighting products market competing, and small factory does not have the research of the intelligent lighting conditions. Therefore, intelligent lighting also want need to develop from a technical breakthrough, through the use of more human technology designed to attract consumers, at the same time reduce cost through technological development, attract consumers to buy, so as to attract more enterprises to enter the market.

But intelligent lighting trend is irresistible. Increase in number with lighting, lighting control requires more complex, it is only through intelligent control system to achieve the fine management of urban lighting, in achieving environmental protection and more convenient. Intelligent lighting as an important part of "wisdom city", it is applied city in sensor network technology, electric power carrier will city street lamp, form the "Internet of things".

One of the leading enterprises in the Internet of things in the present stage the wisdom of the street lamp, for example, LED lights complete illumination function not only, also provides a basic network, as wisdom city sensing network load, can connect various sensors on the market, the street lamp management, sensor, wifi coverage, video monitoring, in the same cloud, system for seamless integration, form a iot of big data.

Front-end data collected through the intelligent lighting system will by big data systemic analysis and forecast, provide service for merchants, the user. Therefore, the future lighting will also be a service part of the Internet of things, it contains huge commercial value.

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