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LED lighting product qualification rate 51% consumers identify quality

- Jun 13, 2015 -

Energy saving and emission reduction, has been advocating the direction nation, home products, this concept frequently over the past two years is a LED energy-saving spree. But the end of 2012, State Bureau of quality and technical supervision and the State administration of quality supervision, the trade and Industry Bureau spot checks across the country for LED lighting products, energy-saving lamps, street lighting, emergency lighting and electric light source, the results displayed: LED lighting product qualification rate of only 51%.

Chengdu lamps LED lighting products on the market, in order to understand the current situation, reporters walked into several professional lighting market in Chengdu and some home stores.

Big price difference where are you know

Reporters inside a consumer's identity in the market went in a circle, each business has a different brand of LED lighting products, huge price differences between different products. With 4 watt LED spotlights for example, ranging in price from about 15 Yuan to hundreds of Yuan. Guangdong's small factory production price 15-40 Yuan, domestic well-known brand price of about 70 Yuan, while foreign brands such as Philips, OSRAM, costs more than hundred.

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