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LED outdoor lighting, the personage inside course of study how to see

- Sep 13, 2016 -

Industry insiders predict that the next three years, LED outdoor lighting will become the fastest growing LED lighting market niche. LED outdoor lighting China in 2015 market size is closer to 15 billion yuan. The outdoor lighting market really so hot?

It is understood that in 2016 as the start of the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", the wisdom city become a "word". And urban lighting as an important part of wisdom city, under the government's push for a new round of development opportunities. Among them, the outdoor lamps market will usher in a new wave of growth. Survey data show, outdoor lighting industry in China are growing at more than 40% a year, is expected to reach 31.4 billion yuan in 2016, the current domestic LED outdoor lighting applications is growing fast.

The influence of national policy this year, growing at home and abroad project. Such as the G20 summit held recently, the large conference typically led energy-saving upgrading the whole city, thus good outdoor lighting market development. And with the high power LED light source and outdoor power drive power supply products such as technology matures, outdoor lighting market is finally ushered in the outbreak stage.


Recently, the maple yongming Yu Guangya show officially launched the photosynthetic efficiency of 176.5 lm/W street light, and implements the mass production. According to wu yong Ming Peng Haiping domestic design center director, maple yongming 7, in August the whole lights shipments has reached 90000, export markets, in particular, the demand for outdoor street light. Peng Haiping thinks, release of outdoor lighting order is steady, and the current global LED street light penetration is still very low, market prospect is considerable.

Alum to realize power supply, according to general manager Ding Hua high-power power supply market this year than last year. Alum to realize power supply performance has been more than 1 - August of last year. Overall, the market is improved. Along with the domestic many expire EMC contract energy management project, will have to replace the peak LED lights market in China. Application and national policy, LED the market environment is more popular, is expected in the next few years the domestic LED street lamp installation quantity will be more and more, the market will be more and more big.

Waterford sheng electronic tianyong, deputy general manager, said waterford sheng electronic semi-annual sale task smoothly during the first half of 2016, up 52.63% from a year earlier, the company high power outdoor power supply shipments is good. Is expected in the second half of the fourth quarter of the market will be better, but also will intensify competition. Is expected to market will be more and more high to the requirement of outdoor lighting technology, more and more functional requirements. Especially with wisdom city construction intelligent lamps and lanterns. In 2016, according to the related data, we have proposed to build urban pilot wisdom, 485 cities worldwide has more than 200 cities, is launching a wisdom urban construction. Wisdom city will bring huge opportunities for outdoor lighting market.

Zhongheng sent wei bang waves also likes outdoor lighting wisdom, general manager of market development. Bang waves, said this year's outdoor lighting demand has increased a lot, a lot of the implementation of the project focus in the second half of the year. Zhongheng send power supply shipments to maintain steady growth, especially the company's intelligent dc concentrated suspension of power supply solutions, has been more and more customers of all ages. From the point of market demand, the demand of the street light and tunnel light is hot. Look from the quantity, outdoor street light than large shipments of landscape lighting; In terms of growth, the landscape lighting is higher than outdoor street light delivery rate.

Sen tech XinMingFeng chairman also said the health, science and technology since its establishment is to put all his energy into outdoor power supply "lightning protection against surge" research and development production, products based on high-end market, has developed a 6 kv level waterproof lamp power supply, the current market demand. The market is much better than last year this year.

Xin interpretation of photoelectric chairman banson wang also thinks, outdoor lighting market more mature this year, much better than last year. In many countries or regions in the world now also have a demand of outdoor products. And interpretation of photoelectric lamps by xin product sales situation is good, relatively normal, rose more than 30%. Xin's interpretation of outdoor street light the advantages of the products with quality stability and reliability, maintained higher shipments.

For the future development of LED outdoor lighting market, what did they say?

MAO power supply general manager Ding Hua: to recognize

Increased along with the installation, the price of the LED street lamp is becoming more and more low, lead to manufacturers profit diluted, will be more competitive. Through unceasing innovation, LED outdoor power supply manufacturer in the future to introduce more cost advantage and meet the market demand plan to win the market; The second is to develop high value-added products, such as to the intelligent direction, is not only a power supply, control, towards the functional integration products; 3 it is to be developed with large scale, standardization, and more products that meet the market demand, to win the market.

Waterford sheng electronic tianyong, vice general manager:

Outdoor lighting, I think, the coming years will be more fierce market competition, the enterprises need according to industry demand and industry status, combined with its own form to create their own advantages, to avoid homogeneity competition. Also will become the trend of service brand, the brand value, the higher the stronger the scale, technology, service, guarantee the perfect enterprise, comparative advantage is more obvious, its comprehensive competitiveness is stronger and stronger also. In the future, the scale of outdoor lighting will more and more big, more and more concentrated into a few good scale enterprises, the service will be more and more standardization, gradually will form independent brands.

Xin interpretation of photoelectric banson wang, chairman of:

Outdoor lighting market including LED street light, wash wall lamp, project-light lamp, floodlight, and other products, also will continue to grow in the next year or two, next year may be better than this year. Because now the entire outdoor projects will be more and more.

Maple yongming Peng Haiping domestic design center director:

The release of outdoor lighting orders are stable, and the current global LED street light penetration is still very low, the market prospect is considerable.

Zhongheng sent wei bang, general manager of waves:

Outdoor lighting market in 5 ~ 8 years, will also have very big development space, especially the outdoor lighting products wisdom.

Guangdong Wang Rongli chau Ming energy saving technology co., LTD. General manager:

Wisdom city boom across the globe, and wisdom street became the best entry. LED outdoor lighting manufacturers require constant upgrading of street lamp product design and product performance, by introducing different combinations, open interface, to meet the future urban lighting, landscaping and intelligent aspects of requirements.

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