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LED street light heat optical solution

- Jun 13, 2015 -

Uneven quality of LED street lights

LED lamps must be weather test of the difference between high and low temperatures and rain, some install failures in less than six months. LED lamp bad, resulting in lack of consumer confidence, weak natural market demand. Some experts think, currently LED of glow efficiency and high pressure sodium phase more is has gap, as decorative lighting and part environment lighting with no runs; but if as road lighting with, currently only for hospital (Park) District channel or times road; while as function sex mainly of road lighting (trunk road), is has many technology problem to be overcome, as thermal, and II times light distribution, and uniform degrees,, so currently is should not be shots road lighting.

Four technical bottlenecks in optical/mechanical/electrical/thermal solution

LED light emitting properties, enter the energy converted into heat around 80% above must be discharged, and grain LED is a semiconductor material, therefore not resistant to high temperatures, temperature rise and luminous efficiency decreases with decreased cooling LED street lamps, the primary consideration. Secondly, the lamp shall comply with the specifications for road lighting, in accordance with the areas with different road conditions, respectively, according to Lux, illuminance uniformity and so have different regulations, LED street lamps to optical design the second challenge. Other LED needs direct current drive, arrangement and selection of power supplies is a technical focus, there is resistance to wind pressure, lightning, shock resistance, safety, increase LED Street lamp design difficulties.

In simple terms, LED lighting is to consider four of heat, light, electricity, machine parts. Current market technological bottlenecks on the highest heat and light, following discussions on the two technical sections.

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