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LED the north American market will be a key battleground for export

- Sep 12, 2016 -

At present Chinese LED industry largely determines the market pattern, on the middle and lower reaches of giant. Markets in the international competitive advantage established, encapsulation, lighting production base established around the world.

Compared with Europe, Africa, southeast Asia and other markets, the north American market "seemingly open, actually closed," here are very sound trading system, judicial system, barriers to entry, really into the north American market LED enterprise is not much.

The U.S. department of energy (doe) recently released the latest version of the solid-state lighting energy saving double edition of forecast, focusing on the general lighting market. Data show that the north American market in 2035, LED lights and lamps and lanterns expected accounted for 86% of the installation of lamps and lanterns, covers all lighting category, by contrast, only 6% in 2015.

In niche markets, UL recently updated the resolution directly replace the fluorescent tube LED lamp technology, and plans to officially incorporated into UL1993 at the end of this year (from ballast lamp and adapter) standard. Resolution will help more LED manufacturers TypeALED tube quickly into the north American market.

Excitation test to detect the chairman NiePengXiang think, for the lighting market, we have a time machine back to the past. In LED applications, the number of Chinese LED lights are far walk in front of us, the market appeared at the beginning of the chaos phenomenon.

But, want to enter the American market, access system is very strict.

"LED enterprises want to enter the U.S. market, and the ability to succeed in the us market, the most important thing is getting the product quality and reliability. So, products get certification is the primary threshold." NiePengXiang said.

Nearly two years in the us market demand for LED lighting product shows continuous high growth momentum.

On the one hand, because the market consumption level is high, the low price sensitivity of LED lighting products. In recent years, on the other hand, the LED lighting products continues to increase, the ratio of the energy conservation and economic benefit of the more obvious, rapid increase market acceptance.

Market space is large, but want to get a piece of Chinese enterprises still need to focus on the quality of the products of "kung fu".

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