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LED lights

- Aug 26, 2016 -

The main features

1. The voltage of LED lights, the use of low voltage power supply, power supply voltage between 2-4 v, and varies according to the product, so it is a than using high voltage power supply; More secure power supply, especially suitable for public places;

2. Current: brightness is increased as the current lights, small power LED lamp bead working current of 0 to 60 ma, high power LED working current is more than 150 ma.

3. Effectiveness: compared with incandescent lamp lighting energy consumption reduced by 80%.

4. Applicability: small, each unit of LED is 3 to 5 mm square dice, so can be prepared into various shapes of the device, and is suitable for variable environment.

5. Stability: 100000 hours, droop for 50% of the original.

6. Response time: its response time of millisecond incandescent lamps, LED lights response time in nanoseconds.

7. Pollution to the environment: no harmful metallic mercury.

8. Color: changes the current can change color, leds conveniently by the methods of chemical modification, adjust the material of the band structure and the band gap, red yellow green blue orange polychromatic light. Such as small current when the red LED, with the increase of current, can in turn into orange, yellow, and finally for the green.

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