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Looking for the second half of the road | you "unavoidable" top 10 list of the LED industry trends

- Sep 12, 2016 -

Experience of relatively stable in the first half of the LED industry is strong in the third quarter to "boom" opens in the second half of the market. What, then, in the second half of the LED industry will present new opportunities, new trend?

High yield research institute (GGII) that LED the global LED industry is entering the "China enterprise" leading the development of the cycle. On the one hand, the domestic LED industry of China has been basically formed, a group of leading enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of the growth and expansion into a new stage.

Especially the strong power of China's capital market, to promote China's LED enterprises by way of merger and purchase more quickly quickly from the global market share, and form the traditional compete ability between the transnational giants.

In the second half of the LED industry is still facing greater opportunities and risks coexist, of course.

On the one hand, is still in the rapid evolution of technological innovation, new technologies, such as CSP maturity to speed up the improvement. Represented by ir, uv, light of the new application market at startup.

On the other hand, around the capital, integration of industry merger and purchase will be the emergence of a new trend.

High LED will be used for three phase content, to the ten trends of panoramic display in the second half of the LED industry.

About intelligent LED lighting, has always been the subject of debate.

Trying to knock on the door in the process of the intelligent lighting market, Internet giant, traditional home appliance manufacturers and traditional lighting giant has taken a different way and attitude respectively, because their resources and advantage is not the same.

August 31, huawei for ICT industry of the largest in the history of the global ecological conference, huawei expounded for the first time huawei cloud strategic positioning. Huawei's CEO Ken hu said in his first speech, assembly, huawei's position, is to be become intelligent social enablers and agents.

Huawei HiLink wisdom family strategy after the release at the end of 2015, after eight months, huawei officially announced the formation of HiLink family ecological wisdom, and revealed that the first batch of huawei HiLink ecological partners product will be launched on September 30, related to air quality, light and energy management three big categories. Among them, LED intelligent lighting is one of the key products.

Intelligent lighting another driver, are the three major traditional lighting of philips, osram, GE is in gradual stripping GE lighting business, focus on the technology of intelligent lighting and iec layout.

Sun lighting officer, general manager of yong said that the traditional lamp control concept not just need experience, if we can only switch light energy saving control, can't achievement LED the second round of growth.

For, he said, philips, osram, GE lighting, op these originally established firms understand light and sunshine, and Google, apple, cisco, qualcomm, huawei, zte, and other enterprises the crossover between the linkage, full of expectations, because it is likely to produce innovative opportunity.

Set up the relevant person in charge of marsh said the strategic cooperation with huawei, prophase centered on huawei platform of intelligent lighting, smart sensors and other intelligent hardware business, huawei provide advanced cloud computing solutions and the core of the smart home system control equipment.

Have a strong platform support, marsh can give full play to the intelligent hardware research and development, manufacturing capacity, type is rich in high quality products to help huawei build more perfect intelligent household ecological system.

Over the past few years, LED intelligent lighting to shout, but did not form the actual landing and sustainable market demand growth. Stand marsh relevant personage says, "as the constantly to marketing, there are many big customers in the imported intelligent lighting products."

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