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Looking forward to! 35 drone with leds will light up the sky!

- Sep 06, 2016 -

Yangzi evening news network on September 1 - (reporter Luo Xiaona) people living city how long haven't seen the night sky of stars? With leds 35 drones fly to the sky, by means of computer programming of the aerial array performance, infinite changes like the stars, light up the sky. This is to let people exclaim, Shanghai (jiading) interactive festival opening performance, the German electronic concert "discourse" to let the sound of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor and the ground electronic music performing artists live in photograph echo, creating a unique sound effect.

Due to the large outdoor performance of uavs sites, airspace, weather conditions, Shanghai drama festival opening ceremony (jiading) interaction also become this kind of performance in Asia debut. "The word" directed by vitor baia (Sven Soren Beyer) with Germany seven stage performing arts company (phase7 performing. Arts) creative performance. The show made by China Shanghai international arts festival center. Performance has not only popular in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with laser harp interactive link, also joined the non-material cultural heritage, jiangnan silk and jiading local cultural elements such as Shanghai. Shanghai little fluorspar star group of actors will also use the music sang children's for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) electronic music scene.

When high-tech in interactive drama, collision out how creative petard? (this is the first Shanghai jiading) interactive festival is looking forward to the bright spot. Fusion 5 international and domestic first-class standard, read the most creative and interactive drama, 10 public cultural activities, seven workshops, 2, 1, the activity of BBS discussion (jiading) is a creative contest the first Shanghai interactive drama festival held in downtown Shanghai jiading and next month.

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