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Maple yongming T19E LED street lamp, luminous efficiency is as high as 170 lm/W

- Sep 05, 2016 -

After several times of the industry reshuffle, LED street lamp market pattern is gradually formed.

Maple yongming as LED industry only a positioning in tailored for the customer design scheme of the company, the only one that design works, has been for other brand, network, common channel of the company to provide products and technical services, let the company focus on go to exploit market.

Wu yong Ming has advocated cooperation is not only the competition of new business model, on the other hand, due to focus on research and development and focus on manufacturing, after gathered, greatly reduce the cost, gives many partners benefits.

Recently, maple yongming T19E LED street lamp, new products and the products as the company focus on promotion of objects.

It is understood that T19E LED street lamp listed in June 2016 to sign up, the product production photosynthetic efficiency is as high as 170 lm/W, luminous module protective performance is remarkable, in the world's leading technology and quality.

Maple yongming, a leading global photosynthetic efficiency and excellent protection ability of security, makes T19E LED street lamp occupies an absolute advantage in technology and quality. Photosynthetic efficiency of ascension means for improving the energy saving rate, more conducive to marketing.

This product is a maple yongming company independent research and development, has a patent retrieval, and apply for patent protection accordingly. (authorized invention patent ZL 201210188159.1 a LED module seal technology; authorized utility model patent ZL 201320846001.9 a LED lighting device; 201630274131.9 LED lamps and lanterns has applied for patent of appearance design)

In addition, the application of the product patent protection lumileds patent protection, as well as the light source end to the customer no intellectual property rights, and are more likely to break through the intellectual property barriers to enter the international market.

Maple yongming, said T19E LED street light in front of the public in multiple regions, and the height of the market and customer recognition.

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