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Not long time look straight into the LED lights Blue light does not hurt the eye

- Aug 30, 2016 -

Not long time look straight into the LED lights Blue light does not hurt the eye

Blue light damage depends on the human eye receives a blu-ray total dose, the same color temperature of LED lights and the safety of the energy-saving lamps.

In a few days ago at the 2013 China (Shanghai) international semiconductor lighting application technology on the BBS, the participating experts discussion to the blu-ray security problem. Photoelectric information engineering, zhejiang university, professor, department of seeks with introduction, visible light is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet seven kinds of color of light, which, in 435-500 nm wavelength light corresponding to blue and green, the scientific community is usually 400-500 nm wavelength range is called the "blue zone".

Fudan university associate professor, deputy director of the institute of electric light source Zhang Shanduan pointed out: "the principle of white LED is blue LED chip excitation into the formation of white light yellow phosphor. Blue light hazard refers to the 400-500 nm blue band light source if the brightness is too high, eyes look after for a long time may cause of retinal photochemical injury. Blue light damage depends on the human eye under the lights are cumulative receive blue light dose."

"LED lamps on the market at present commonly used technologies' blue chip + yellow phosphor, blu-ray content is relatively high in the LED lights, but that doesn't mean that leds more injury eye than other lamps and lanterns." Zhang Shanduan says, in what they're doing the comparison experiment, the same color temperature of LED lights and the safety of the energy-saving lamps.

Color temperature, is the most common light source spectrum quality indicators. "Warm light color temperature is low," and "cold light" color temperature is relatively high. Color temperature increase, the proportion of blue radiation increases, the blue light increases. At the same time, the brightness also influence the proportion of blue light. In general, the same color temperature of fluorescent lamp and LED lamp, as long as the latter's brightness is not more than 3 times of the former, basically do not have harm. But individual too bright LED lamps and lanterns, the proportion of blue light may have more than is considered safe. Zhang Shanduan said, as the LED technology matures, manufacturers will no longer need to constantly improve the soft power of lamps and lanterns to implement Gao Liuming degrees, objectively also reduces the likelihood of blue light too.

Shanghai eye otolaryngology hospital cloth bosom, says blu-ray is not unique to LED lights, cell phones and computers are rich in blue light in the screen, the hospital has never received cases of eye injury by using LED lights.

National electric light source quality supervision and inspection center (Shanghai), the director of YuAnQi thinks, to answer the question whether the answer is like the sun safety. Generally speaking, the sunlight is safe; But if you stare at the sun, also can cause eye burns.

National semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry federation and China lighting association recently organized more than 10 domestic well-known experts, specialized is the question of whether "blue eyes" has carried on the discussion, form the white paper titled "general illumination LED and blu-ray". Writing group of experts on behalf of the week, the white paper is too bright, professor, "white LED light source on the retina, the amount of blue light irradiation with fluorescent lamp and metal halide lamp and so on traditional light source, will not cause harm to the human eye."

How to use the LED lamps and lanterns

Don't look for a long time, the new compulsory standards are being developed

"If the purchase is qualified lamps and lanterns and used properly, the LED is not risk than traditional lamps and lanterns is higher." YuAnQi, said China's national standard the lamp and the light of the lamp system of biological safety, make clear to blu-ray hazards and the calculation method for the quantitative is introduced, and points out that compared with other light source LED lighting products and there is no difference, fall within the scope of exposure convergence limit stipulated by the safe.

But experts say, this standard is a "recommendation" rather than "mandatory standards".

Seeks with professor said, according to the blue light intensity on the international has set about blue light biological safety standards, and set may lead to blu-ray harm the value. For example, there will be no blue light hazard source products known as "zero products"; Will have a small blue light damage, eyes not a long time to look at the product called "category"; Will have a larger light source is known as the "second class products" dangers of blu-ray. Currently used as zero basic classes and the class of LED lighting, if it is second class is mandatory in "eyes cannot stare"

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