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Purple light lighting

- Sep 13, 2016 -

Purple light illumination (836945) has released the first half of 2016, according to a report by June 30, 2016, in the first half of 2016 operating income of 41.695 million yuan, up 67.29% from a year earlier. Attributable to shareholders of listed company net profit of 2.1479 million yuan, fell 14.62% from a year; Basic earnings per share 0.05 yuan, fell 61.54% from a year.

As of June 30, 2016, purple light lighting assets totaled 108 million yuan, the current initial growth 13.87%; Asset-liability ratio is 39.20%, the current initial 33.02%, an increase of 6.18%. Business activities generated cash flow net this is - 7.1522 million yuan, year on year 5.3835 million yuan.

During the reporting period violet light lighting business income is 41.695 million yuan, up 67.29% from a year earlier, the main reason is that purple light lighting set up offices and sales department, the new sales staff, business development quite productive, strong growth performance.

Purple light lighting products to energy-saving product transformation, purple light operating revenue is mainly divided into fixed lighting products, mobile products and energy conservation services (energy) contract revenue, the reporting period, fixed income products rose 96.89% year-on-year, mobile product revenue fell 48.31%, energy contract revenue grew by 99.91% year on year.

Among them, the fixed most of energy-saving products, belong to the government vigorously promote products, effectively meet customers' demands of energy conservation and environmental protection, welcomed by customers and praise.

Data shows, purple light illumination is a whole industry chain in the field of LED lighting industry industry operations and service providers, mainly adopt direct sales model, to provide professional, personalized lighting solutions, source of income is mainly industrial LED lighting lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of electrical equipment product sales revenue and EMC contract energy management technology for energy-saving benefit sharing service.

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