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Scene of philips LED lamps and lanterns is fake law enforcement officers suspected of goods

- Sep 06, 2016 -

Recently, stands on the county market supervision bureau received royal PHILIPS electronics co., LTD., reported that stands on the county town a cautiously salesroom selling fake PHILIPS/PHILIPS lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, seriously violated PHILIPS/PHILIPS right to exclusive use of a registered trademark.

After reporting to law enforcement personnel and philips anti-counterfeiting quickly to the lamps and lanterns with sales department. Law enforcement personnel on-site inspection and found in the salesroom stacked with words of 5 cases of annotation for PHILIPS LED lamp (100 / box), also put on the container 10 wording, PHILIPS LED lamp. By philips company anti-counterfeiting personnel appraisal on the spot, the above items are all counterfeit infringing goods. Law enforcement personnel according to the relevant provisions of the trademark law, in accordance with the law to buckle the suspected counterfeit infringing goods.

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