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The advantages of LED lamp bead

- Aug 26, 2016 -

LED lamp bead as a light-emitting device, is people's attention, has its superior than other light emitting devices, sums up the LED has the following several advantages:

(1) work long life: LED as a solid conductor light-emitting devices, compared with other luminescence devices have a longer working life. Its brightness half-life usually can reach hundreds of hours. If use leds to replace the traditional automobile lamp, so it will be far greater than the life of a car body of life, has the characteristics of life without repair and replacement.

(2) low power consumption: LED work is a kind of low voltage devices, therefore under the same brightness, the minimum power consumption, can reduce energy consumption. On the contrary, with the development of technology and material, will have a higher luminous efficiency. People were calculated, if Japan all substitute LED lighting lamps and lanterns, can reduce the large power plant, which is good for environmental protection.

(3) a fast response time, the LED can generally be in the tens of milliseconds (ns) in the response, so it is a device that tells the other light source. Level in made car LED brake light at high speeds, improved the security of the car.

(4) small volume, light weight, resistance to fight: this is the inherent characteristics of semiconductor solid device. Color can make all kinds of clear and delicate LED display device.

(5) easy to move light, color, control: LED as a light-emitting device, can pass through the current changes in the control brightness, can also be accomplished by configuration of different wavelengths LED color change and adjustment. So use LED light source or display screen, easy to through the electronic control to meet the needs of various applications, compatibility with IC computer in very fine long hair. In addition, the application of LED light source is not restricted by will matter in principle, plasticity is extremely strong, can be arbitrary extension, to realize modular assembling. The large screen color display of the LED.

(6) made of LED light source, there is no environmental pollutants such as mercury, lead, and will not pollute the environment. So people will be LED light source is known as the "green" light is deserved.

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