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The filament lamp market stage for patent into survival "weapons"

- Sep 05, 2016 -

Entered since 2016, the filament lamp become high-profile LED lighting products segment. In may, national leaders visit in northeast China, to the enterprise personally know, filament lamp products to market heat to the peak.

In the first half of this year the filament lamp market continues to heat. Some overseas retail channel large "players" to enter the market, such as ikea, home depot, wal-mart and other large stores have begun to set foot in filament lamp this subdivision category.

High yield research institute of LED (GGII) statistics show that in 2015 the global LED lamp filament market demand of only 70 million, 2016 global LED lamp filament demand is expected to reach 220 million, up 367% from a year earlier, the next three years, with the promotion LED filament lamp automatic production level, production will rise quickly.

Calculated at the average price in 2015, the global LED lamp filament market scale up to 1.19 billion yuan, GGII expects 2016 global LED lamp filament market scale will reach 2.9 billion yuan, up 294% from a year earlier.

As a fist products instead of traditional incandescent lamp market, the future LED lamp filament size of the market will remain in 8 billion yuan.

Market space is so attractive, many LED companies flocked, lead to serious product homogeneity, competition intensified, patents can also become powerful "weapon" of enterprises seize market share.

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