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The filament lamp: plug type + no welding + patent protection

- Sep 18, 2016 -

As is known to all, the past few years, LED packaging industry walked "price war", the mass production are in the way by 

holding down the price to win market share of their own.

In may this year, the national leader in the northeast, heat to the peak and the filament lamp market, make its become high-

profile LED lighting products segment.

Institute of research according to the high production of LED (GGII) statistics show that in 2015 the global LED lamp filament 

market demand of only 70 million, 2016 global LED lamp filament demand is expected to 220 million, up 367% from a year 


Starlight chairman Zhu Xihe said, "the next three years, with the promotion LED filament lamp automatic production level, 

production will also climbed quickly."

It is true that both upstream and middle reaches, has heated up packaging industry. Under the premise of such environment,

 based on the technology mature gradually, starlight treasure to developing more than a year of new products - "fool" the 

filament lamp, was born this year.

This kind of glass filament lamp mainly solves the original filament production scrap rate high on the market, the production 

process of the high temperature secondary damage, congenital defects such as low light efficiency, and unable to 


"Is one of the core components of the filament, it adopts full glass substrate, decorated with silver line on the surface, both 

the maximum improve chip out of the light, heat and maximize export chip, glass and silver perfect combination the 

advantages of the two substances, this is the original filament lamp products on the basis of a kind of innovation." Zhu Xihe 


It is understood that the product in the finished product congenital superior to market the original filament light efficiency, and

 patent protection, it is easy to enter the international market. At the same time, also can easily kill incandescent lamp, beat 

the energy-saving lamps.

The most important of all, this filament lamp from encapsulation filament to power all adopt mechanical plug type links, no tin

 wire welding.

In addition, this product in the low power lighting and decoration products on the market, can fully meet after the ban on sales

 of incandescent lamp of tungsten nostalgic feelings, but also with its novel appearance features in the filament market.

Part of the customer for evaluation of products

Customer Toal Group said we fools filament lamp with high quality light source, color rendering index more than 80, more 

than 110 lm/W brings unprecedented lighting lighting experience.

Jw Lighting customer said we fool filament lamp light source and drive power supply without high temperature welding 

assembly patent technology is greatly improve filament lamp reliability and automation of production.

Customer Daehan LED Co., said we fool filament lamp glass carrier was adopted to realize Angle of 360 ° full light and stereo

 illuminant brand-new visual light, feel the original "incandescent light environment.

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