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The last line of patent wars, market barriers

- Sep 13, 2016 -

With the expansion of globalization, Chinese LED companies patent problems have become increasingly prominent, and become one of the key bottlenecks of China enterprises really go abroad.

Core patent has LED aggregate mainly focused on the philips, osram, daily chemical, Toyota synthesis, sharp and other international giant hands, at the same time they through the way of each other's patent cross-licensing patent network formation.

China enterprise application proportion is little and late in the past, is basically began after 2000, submitted and mostly utility models and patent of appearance design, so repeatedly frustrated into the international market.

The solution of the problem but the patent with the growing Chinese enterprises scale, especially in China begin to enter the peak period of overseas mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, the parties have different patent, patent litigation over the best way to reach a compromise is mutual cross licensing. It would also become one of the main trend in the next few years.

In July last year, Japan's Toyota has white LED patent license to China's two LED packaging manufacturers, poly photoelectric light and easy to the core, to achieve the strategic cooperation of supply chain.

Toyota synthetic patent authorized means can enter the white LED patent network around the world, to open the international market growth space of the enterprise, also for their downstream customers to provide the white LED patent protection.

The same month, by the China electronic information industry group buying American BridgeLux (s.a) 100% stake. The share purchase is successful, the domestic enterprise is equivalent to control all Bridgelux patent authorization and interaction, can be done from the chip to the module of vertical integration products and the development of silicon, gallium nitride master chip, epitaxial wafer, encapsulation, white light, the optical design and so on many core technologies.

These mergers and acquisitions and integration, resulting in some vendors can by some union between parent and subsidiary or joint or strategic alliances between patent protection, and so find some patent breach of the market.

In addition, the LED technology is still in continuous development and improvement, technical route are also different, even if some patents expire, will also be new patents, form a new technical barriers and new authorization. This is for China's enterprises, the new opportunity.

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