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The LED fluorescent lamp

- Aug 30, 2016 -

The LED fluorescent lamp commonly known as the torch, can substitute the traditional fluorescent tube, is embodied in two aspects of energy saving and environmental protection. Installation size is the same as the traditional fluorescent lamp, but luminous principle is to use the LED light-emitting semiconductor chip. According to the shell material is divided into two kinds, one kind is glass, 1 kind is aluminum and PC. On the luminous efficiency of 90 m ~ 200 lm/W/W.


Life in 50000 hours, the power supply voltage for AC85V - 265 v (ac), no need for electric fluorescent starter and ballast, start quickly, small power, no stroboscopic, not easy to visual fatigue. It is not only super energy saving more environmental protection. Is the national green energy-saving LED lighting market is one of key engineering developed product.

Install and use

LED fluorescent lamp installation is simple, it points the power inner and outer two kinds, the built-in power supply the LED fluorescent lamp when installation, the original of the fluorescent lamp to remove the LED fluorescent lamp, ballast and electric fluorescent starter is removed, let 220 v ac mains on both ends of the LED fluorescent lamp directly. External power supply the LED fluorescent lamp of general with special lamp, can be used to replace the original.

And comparison of traditional

Compared to the LED fluorescent lamp bulb above 80%, life expectancy of more than 10 times of ordinary lamp, is almost free maintenance, often there is no want to change the lamp, ballast, the problem of electric fluorescent starter, about a year can switch back to the cost of cost savings. Green environmental protection of semiconductor light source, the light is downy, spectrum pure, is good for eyesight protection of workers and healthy body, the 6000 k cold light source, give a person the feeling of cool and refreshing on the vision, help to concentrate, improve efficiency.


High photosynthetic efficiency: adopt international famous brand independent patent LED manufacturing, tube efficiency of up to 115 lm/w, 70% energy saving than conventional fluorescent lamp.

Color: high color rendering index CRI = 80, objects can be recreating the original colour, bright and beautiful build comfortable light environment. Long life: tubes use the glass tube with better performance of thermal conductivity material, match with special high thermal conductivity aluminum radiator to ensure the LED junction temperature is below 80 ℃, 10000 hours droop < 8%, the service life of 50000 hours.

Safe and reliable: power lightning protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, such as multiple functions, meet the electromagnetic compatibility, harmonic, withstand voltage, insulation and other safety requirements. The failure rate < 1/1000.

Green: conform to the requirements of the European Rohs directive, and without the traditional shortcomings of the fluorescent lamp and uv mercury pollution. Constant direct current drive LED, the light is pure and soft.

Durable: conduction glass bulb never degradation is yellow, high luminous retention.

Versatility: wide voltage (AC85-265 - v) power supply design, even if the voltage fluctuations can be stable work. Apply global mains voltage.

Specialty is beautiful: lamps and lanterns design masters, know more about the market demand high cost performance, strong application of alternative and cost-effective, have more competitive advantage in the peer.

Applicable occasions

1, large factories, the production workshop, the workbench, office, indoor lighting;

2 indoor lighting, shopping malls supermarket;

3, underground parking, used for 24 hours, save electricity is very considerable,

4, the hospital interior lighting;

5, school classroom lighting;

6, family.

Functional features

1 the lamps and lanterns, environmental protection, protect the earth

2, high efficiency conversion, reduce fever

3, quiet and comfortable, no noise

4, the light is downy, protect your eyes

5, no ultraviolet, no mosquitoes

6, adjustable voltage 85 v to 265 v

7, save energy and longer life

8, solid, used for a long time.

9. Compared with common fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp without ballast and starter without, no stroboscopic.

10 free maintenance, frequent switch will not cause any damage.

11. A safe and stable quality can undergo 4 kv high voltage, low heat, can work at low temperature 55 ℃ to 30 ℃ high temperature.

12. Good resistance to vibration, easy to transport.

One, the breakthrough from the photosynthetic efficiency, enlarge the light (milky white, fog) led lamp, luminous efficiency reach 91 lm/W, the industry average to do 83 lm/W

Second, led power supply parameters improve: isolation power efficiency reached 90%, only 10% of electrical energy into heat energy, low fever, greatly extend the service life,

PF is 0.95 (220 v), wide input voltage 85 v to 265 v

The isolation power efficiency reached 93%, only 7% of electrical energy into heat energy, low fever, greatly extend the service life,

PF is 0.96 (220 v), wide input voltage 85 v to 265 v

The energy saving effect is very outstanding. Have high demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction is a big good news.

Third, lightweight, because with aluminum slot radiator, universal lay particular stress on leds. Change on the traditional scaffold, often due to too heavy, unstable install, easy to fall off, lightweight, problem solved.

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