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The LED light engine

- Sep 12, 2016 -

Along with the increasing competition of the domestic LED industry chain each link, with the advantage of high ratio of light engine is more and more get the favour of lighting companies.

According to research statistics show that in 2015 China's rapid growth of the size of the market of LED light engine to 218 million yuan, the next two time engine market growth will remain above 100%, to 2017 years, guoguang engine market scale will reach 2.832 billion yuan. Visible light engine has a broad market prospect.

After years of development, now LED light engine is to point to include the LED package (component), the LED arrays (modules), LED driver and other brightness, thermal, mechanical and electrical components of the overall portfolio. It can not only reduce the LED lighting lamps and lanterns manufacturer r&d, can shorten the production cycle. The current domestic enterprise production LED light engine is mainly used in the LED tube light, lamp, absorb dome light, and other areas of the interior lighting.

At present, because of a lack of unified specification standardization of optical components, plus the companies own existing equipment facilities and technology development imbalance, caused to appear on the market of LED lighting applications product variety, performance, poor compatibility condition of each different, to some extent, restricted the healthy development of LED lighting industry. And the emergence of light engine technology to a certain extent, promote the LED industry to achieve uniform standards.

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