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The same party photoelectric COB product, realize the whole lamp 150 lm/W lamp lighting lighting

- Sep 06, 2016 -

In the past two years, COB market has maintained growth trend.

According to research high production LED research institute (GGII) statistics show that 2015 COB product sales occupy about 30% of the overall light source, to replace the traditional patch market 30% to 40% market share.

And LED the overall market generally rebounded in 2016, the COB is also a strong strong impetus for development of the market.

, deputy general manager of the same party photoelectric pinfu fenhua DE dongtai yanhua guocheng thinks, "COB buoyant market, on the one hand, because the COB has been promoted for many years, customers for its acceptance is higher and higher; on the other hand, the enterprise brand effect for customer approval."

It is understood that the same with photoelectric since its establishment has clear goal of high-power LED packaging.

"Before entering the LED industry, in succession in many multinational companies have done detailed research, the final decision will be high power light source products as the breakthrough point, from single copy lumens, the high power integration, to the COB light source, has initially formed with COB light source as the core competitiveness of product line." The same party told completely what LED photoelectric general manager.

It is worth mentioning that the same square COB products are all made from their open private mold, notes the current LED industry because of the high price of open private mold, not every manufacturer so, therefore, to some extent also underlines the same Fang Li create high-end COB brand drive and determination.

"Our COB products with heat conduction performance, reliability and the characteristics of the light color consistency is better, this is a bonus for win the market." pinfu fenhua DE dongtai yanhua guocheng confident said.

In February 2016, the same party COB - M36 - N5 photoelectric new product series of successful completion of the research and development, and began to market.

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