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The stage lighting effects

- Aug 25, 2016 -

As the saying goes, a good swift horse horse only met bole organic show their life skills, a good performers only when a suitable stage to show he is more vivid. Good stage will have to use light to decorate, the lights streaming it can portray the mood of performers to do, let's look at these stage lights bring the magic of performers.

Appreciate a stage lighting rendering:

Red backdrop with the blue and white stripes on the ground, let whole stage full of vigor and vitality, plus the top about 45 degrees of LED lights illuminate, let the protagonist luster, such as lighting effects is very suitable for the performance of two people, and no extra lights decorate, so it's suitable for sketch performance.

Stage lighting rendering appreciate 2:

All around is a black, only the blue light irradiation on the stage, like the quiet summer night classes, standing alone in the sky, singing a quiet song, would you still remember you are singing on the stage? Maybe you enjoy singing very forgot oneself is the focus of the audience of thousands of spectators.

Appreciate the three stage lighting rendering:

Around is also a black one, but many more in the blue sky flashing, colorful stars, they are so lively, do not know you very is infected by their lively? I believe that at the moment your mood is very suitable for singing that is quiet and lively songs.

Appreciate four stage lighting rendering:

The same stage, not the same lights, will bring a person halcyon blue became dark gray, looking at the stars in the sky shining colors, your mood ten or more sad? Without any brewing, is enough to will play a streaming of much as the feelings of sadness.

Appreciate five stage lighting rendering:

Large stage many LED to shoot the light blue on collocation, make the whole stage instantaneous dynamic, this stage is very suitable for two people together singing lyric songs, like a pair of lovers in the night on the road to the other party with their respective deeply in love, viewers don't have no infection.

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