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Visible surface kung fu "lean - dongfeng fengshen A9

- Sep 14, 2016 -

About the car, what is your ideal appearance?

The atmosphere?

, with the sun generous, particularly the distribution.


Noble elegant, line moderately, has its own way.

When the atmosphere and elegant perfect fusion, namely the above achievement experience the elegance rides - dongfeng A9.

Keywords: atmospheric exalted, lean toward the "dry"

At beginning of the first terms "dry" represented by the "dry" element, is one of the core elements of the design of dongfeng A9.

Dry, but first hexagrams gossip, "first" represents the dongfeng independent career goal; It reveals the "heaven and earth tide" image, dongfeng passenger car is based on the root of the "earth and" brand image design, specifically:

The modelling of the front of the dongfeng A9 decent clean, neat, there is a tension, front grille subject by three sets of horizontal molding deduced with "dry", "Numbers form", as the representative of life two, two gave birth to three, everything, the implication of dongfeng independent enterprise's sustainable development, it also derivatives with dongfeng independent and the evolution of the brand image consistent;

Front grille closer and six horizontal molding, have a great luck dashun, shaped like a 3 D again, yu "three east wind: dongfeng dongfeng dongfeng, internationalization and one hundred independently. At the same time, nine injection molding, zhou yu shi the supreme, symbolizes the supremacy.

In addition, the matrix of dongfeng A9 three of three groups of LED headlamps and lateral horizontal clearance lamp adornment form, manifests the science and technology, exquisite, fashionable at the same time, and "everything" "dry" connotation.

Key words: double fly, fall in love and fly

Dongfeng double swallow Logo, is one of the most favorite car class brand Chinese consumers, it is to pour into the east wind all emotions mascot. The swallow occupies a unique position in the Chinese: miss yan yan chun, flower flower LiuLiu zhenzhen, feng feng yun rhyme, everything

Auspicious annunciation, joy, in numerous literary works, and describes the swallow has become a special Chinese cultural symbols. Side door handle peripheral contour composed of "dongfeng" double swallow "deduce the unique characteristics of the" double swallow "brand, and auspicious symbol, metaphor transfer this beautiful artistic conception of thousands.

Taillight design has the characteristics of D shape LED light, by the "double swallow" change, "dongfeng" letter D, positive and negative image of D and the gas, the meaning of complete. The overall design emphasizes the administrative levels sense, science and technology with the change of vertical elements, embodies the connotation of the brand and culture.

Keywords: three lines, elegant can jian

Dongfeng A9 body posture full, smooth, strength and solid feeling coexist, the modelling of the front decent clean, neat, there is a tension; Bartender bar before the fog lamps and the LED daytime running lights, turn signal is related to Chinese style decorates a design, novel and unique, at the same time to form grain have a lucky, good, cars reflect China Oriental elegance blend pays close attention to cultural connotation side, line and plane, make the relationship more electromotive force has strength, the streamline dome roof, before and after the echo characteristics of lateral and the adornment design reveals the dynamic, slender.

Powerful rich carving, waist line stiffness and Angle characteristics before and after connecting smooth rhythm, structure woven have auspicious meaning back into shape characteristics of the whole sections of the threshold decoration, exquisite workmanship, relaxation.

At the back of the modeling simple, domineering and rich quality, dongfeng LOGO and symbol of the strong power triangle brace in the composition of the exhaust pipes, give a person the comfortable feeling on the vision.

Micro dongfeng A9, sheet is "kung fu", visible for discussion, each skill to the subtle.

Ta as a polite, it is quite gentle place, both atmospheric strength again.

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