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Wafer photoelectric company Adamax against the United States launched a patent infringement lawsuit

- Sep 02, 2016 -

Crystal wafer photoelectric (electric) in the United States time on August 30, 2016 in the United States district court for the northern California to Adamax (in Newhouse Lighting brand sales) filed a patent infringement lawsuit.

Crystal electricity in the lawsuit, said Newhouse patent infringement of six electric crystal Lighting products, and apply for a court to issue injunction to prohibit Adamax continue selling infringement Newhouse Lighting products.

Crystal electricity in the lawsuit, said Newhouse Lighting filament bulbs, for example, adjustable light the candle 3.5 watts LED retro-styled Edison filament lamp, crystal invasion more than electricity in the United States patent, including the patent number 6346771, the name of the invention "high efficiency LED lights", patent number 7489068, invented the name "light emitting diode device", patent number 7560738, the name of the invention has bond layer of light emitting diode array ", patent number 8240881, name of the invention "encapsulation structure of light emitting diode, the patent number 8791467, invented the name" light-emitting diodes (leds) and its manufacturing method ", patent number 9065022, invented the name "light emitting devices.

Crystal electricity investment huge annually in the research and development of LED technology, have the certification and apply for patent in total more than 4000. These have laid the foundation LED filament technology and benefit all kinds of related products in the world. Crystal electricity due to the continuous investment in research and development, to the growing global LED users with the most advanced products and solutions.

Crystal electricity through the accused Adamax to ensure its r&d investment and the patent right shall be inviolable.

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