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Which is more bright led headlamps and xenon headlights which good

- Aug 25, 2016 -

What choose car tail lights and headlight lamp is best? Can not only obtain good lighting effect can also make the overall aesthetic effect. With small make up to explore the together!


Led lights are widely used in many fields, people may feel also is familiar and cordial. Actually led lamp is not only used in our household life lighting lamps and lanterns, it also is frequently used in the production of car headlights and tail lights. Leds are generally used in front of the car tail lights or lamps, in a certain extent, have certain adornment effect. Currently on the market a lot of high end cars are choose use led lights to make car tail lights, car headlights.

The difference between led headlamps and xenon headlamps shape:

Leds as car lamp is one of the most significant feature is actually by number, small size, high brightness, lamp combination and become, generally are combined into a certain shape, such as a light line or is a vast area of the whole area.

As car xenon headlamps lamp in which tend to be relatively independent individual, of course there is also a part of the model is used in the bi-xenon headlamps.

Led headlamps and xenon headlight brightness and illumination distance difference:

The two if you compare the brightness, affirmation is led lights have the advantage in terms of luminous efficiency. But led lamp brightness enough, than xenon headlamps lighting distance is limited, generally less than 10 meters. And xenon headlamps is fairly light, only slightly inferior and led lamps. But its itself is used for lighting, the main function of the specific lighting distance, though not statistics, but is far more than the traditional led lamps.

Who led headlamps and xenon headlamps more efficient:

In using the same power led lamp and xenon headlights, led luminous efficiency higher, while the ability to withstand high temperature is a bit weak, concentrating effect also slightly worse than xenon headlamps. Led itself more energy advantage is really beyond doubt. Energy conservation and environmental protection is characteristic of led lights.

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