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LED Chip Epistar 5630

LED Chip Epistar 5630

1. High quality smd5630 led chip with high lumens
2.CE,RoHS passed
3.Good service, products and best price
4.Low power consumption

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Product Details

led chip epistar 5630

Quick Details

  • Type:SMD LED

  • Emitting Color:RGBW

  • Luminous Intensity:55-60

  • Luminous Flux(lm):55-60

  • Optical Attenuation(%):10

  • Power:0.5

  • Power Dissipation:0.5

  • Viewing Angle(°):120

  • Color Rendering Index(Ra):80

  • Color Temperature:2700-3200

  • Operating Temperature(℃):-40 - 50

  • Storage Temperature(℃):-40 - 50

  • Certification:CE, RoHS

  • Brightness:55-60lm

  • Lifespan:50000 hours

  • Forward Voltage:2.8-3.4V

  • Current:150mA

  • CRI:>80Ra


1. High quality smd5630 led chip with high lumens 
2.CE,RoHS passed 
3.Good service, products and best price 
4.Low power consumption

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Precautions for use


(1) before opening the package

The LED can be stored for one year under the temperature of not more than 40 ℃ and the humidity of not more than 90% RH. It is recommended to use the moisture-proof bag with desiccant when storing.

(2) Open the package

LEDs need to be stored at <= 40 ° C <<60% RH relative humidity, we strongly recommend that you complete the process within a week from opening the package to completing the patch.

If there is any remaining LED that has not been used, we recommend to re-use the moisture-proof agent when it leaves the factory, and it needs to be resealed.

If the desiccant has expired, place the LED in a baking oven at 70 ° C for 12 hours.

The LED electrode and the lead frame are made of a copper alloy plated with silver on the surface. The silver-plated layer will be damaged by the surrounding environment. Please leave the LED away from the environment that will erode the silver-plated layer of the LED electrode. After the LED electrode is corroded, Reduce its soldering ability and photoelectric parameters.

Avoid using LEDs in fast-changing environments, especially in high-humidity environments where condensation can occur.


Static electricity and surge voltage will damage the LED. It is recommended to wear anti-static ring and anti-static gloves when touching LED.

All equipment, devices and machines must be grounded, it is recommended to take appropriate measures to prevent the surge voltage breakdown LED.

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